Lost Data in Your OneNote Files?

Wasn’t OneNote Supposed to Make Your Digital Life Easier?

Data migrations, new server deployment, file restructurings need to be done. But they can cause you and your users endless hours of headaches from broken links in your files, including OneNote® files. LinkFixer Advanced™ can prevent this problem. Alternatively, if you already have tons of broken links or OneNote files missing, LinkFixer Advanced can fix that for you too.

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Migrate Files Without Breaking Links

Become a Data Migration Boss

Move or rename batches of parent files (any file containing links) and all of their child files (those files to which the links are pointing). As they are moved or renamed, links are automatically updated — without causing broken links. Moving OneNote files dosen't have to be a hassle.

Preserve Your Working Links

Sleep Well at Night Knowing Your Links are Safe

LinkFixer Advanced can create a secret connection between your OneNote files and any other files these are linked to. Once this secondary association is created, you can migrate, restructure or rename all your files and folders, as much as you like. After you’re done, LinkFixer Advanced can fix all your links, automatically, including those in your OneNote files. No lost data. No embarrassing situations!

Already Have Broken Links?

LinkFixer Advanced Can Rescue Them

So, you didn’t find out about LinkFixer Advanced before you already have a huge links mess on your hands? Well, that’s okay, because LinkFixer also has a post-disaster mode. You can use it to fix broken links in batches of thousands at a time, and much faster than some search & replace tool.

LinkFixer Advanced

Protect good links and fix broken links in millions of files, quickly, easily and automatically!

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"LinkFixer Advanced was used for a specific data migration project which has now been completed. The software allowed us to easily identify links within over 60 gigabytes of documents and data, and change them to point to a new server. The execution of the link fixing process was straightforward and saved the project team a great deal of time and money."

LinkFixer Advanced User

"But We Have Tons of Different Files"

Chances are, no matter what file types you have in whatever quantity, LinkFixer Advanced has got you covered. (We are not afraid of petabytes.)






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HTML file types


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Check Broken Links in ASP.Net File Type


LinkFixer Advanced offers you salvation from lost data, overwork and embarrassment, not only on Microsoft® OneNote but on most of the world’s other major file types too. For more details on other supported file formats, call us today at (727) 442-1822.

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