Save Yourself from the Stress of Lost Data from Broken Access Links

Broken Links are a Pain

We all know that users and bosses can get pretty fired up when the links in their files are broken and no longer work. The phone rings. Someone is shouting something about a deadline. Ugh. Who needs that? Now you are confronted with sorting it all out and reestablishing those links in your Access® database.

It’s one thing if it’s only a couple links, basically a minor glitch. But what about when you do a data migration, folder restructuring or hardware upgrade? Now, you are talking about potentially thousands of links broken and a lot of productivity lost for your organization, not to mention late nights and weekends of work for you and your team.

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Fix Broken Links in Access Databases, Automatically

Note: This article is about Access. However, the features and capabilities covered also pertain to a wide variety of file types.

LinkFixer Advanced™ can re-link Access database tables, locate broken links and correct those broken Access links thousands at a time, with minimal input. We’ve automated as much as possible to help you manage your links during migrations, Network Attached Storage (NAS) implementations, file path remapping, and more, to prevent link data loss in Microsoft® Access. LinkFixer Advanced supports many file types, including Excel®, Word®, InDesign®, PowerPoint®, AutoCAD® and more. Check out the full details by visiting our LinkFixer Advanced page by clicking here.

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LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken Access Links — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Word, Visio®, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe® InDesign, Premiere® and PageMaker®, MicroStation®, AutoCAD®, HTML, OpenText®, and more.

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Why Working Links Matters for Access

Access databases are the lifeblood of many operational teams. Whether it’s collecting and maintaining sales forms, managing employee records or even serving as a front-end for enterprise-wide client/server applications, a broken Access link can cause significant harm and dramatically increase the number of trouble tickets IT receives.

LinkFixer Advanced was designed to fix broken links during the normal course of business, during the adoption of new folder naming schemes and paradigms, as well as the migration to new servers or sites.

Prevent link data loss in Microsoft Access by using LinkFixer Advanced to prepare connections before you make any changes, verify connections after you migrate and then provide a simple, automated option for fixing any data connection issues.


LinkFixer Advanced has a number of features, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

For example, you can use the LinkFixer Advanced Move/Rename tool to quickly move and rename batches of files while ensuring that none of your links get broken in the process. This feature can be used for a local or even an organization-wide data migration.

LinkFixer Advanced also plays well with others. You may be using your own migration tool or other application to restructure your data or migrate it. No problem. You can use LinkFixer Advanced alongside whatever application you have chosen, and it will still prevent data loss in all of the world’s most common file types, of which Microsoft Access is one.

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Our Easy Two-Step Process

First, LinkFixer Advanced prepares and protects your links by creating a secondary association between parent and child files. This is your insurance against those links being broken during the move.

Second, once moved, those links are reestablished automatically with the push of a button. This two-step feature is at the heart of what makes LinkFixer Advanced a vital tool when moving and restructuring your data in Access and most other common file types.

Are you in the unfortunate position of having made the move and now are faced with countless broken links? Not to worry, LinkFixer Advanced can help you in this situation as well. The Modify Links feature gives you the power to create your own custom renaming rules to modify the contents of the links in all your parent files. Once these rules are established, you can then repair those broken links, including broken Access links. To see video demonstrations of the basic features of LinkFixer Advanced, click here.

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