How It All Started

And, for heaven's sake ... why?

The gist of the story goes like this: A crafty software engineer notices a big problem that many organizations have (including those who aren't aware of it yet).

Right after end-users and malware, this problem is the next most common reason for data loss, late nights and frustration for our planet's overworked, underpaid IT pros.

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Business growth necessitates IT expansion. And “IT expansion” means adding stuff, modifying stuff and moving stuff. Well, this would be things like upgrading your servers, moving to the cloud, moving all your data into a data center, migrating data to SharePoint, OpenText or any other small or large migration.

All this adding, modifying and moving causes this problem: broken file links.

Turns out, this is a much bigger problem than most in the IT universe realized until “the cloud” became all the rage among business and government executives, some of whom wouldn't know 1.21 gigawatts from a 9-volt battery.


Shades of Dr. Emmett Brown

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So this clever engineer-entrepreneur named David Greenbaum owns a company called “Axiom” that develops software for Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) users. One day, after slipping in the bathroom and bumping his head while trying to hang a clock, David awoke with the realization that one of Axiom’s CAD applications could be applied to almost every major file type on Earth (not just CAD files). He then designed the world’s first fully-automatic link-repairing software, dubbed LinkFixerPlus.

Since its unveiling in October 2002, LinkFixerPlus has been recognized for its new and innovative technology that has created a whole new category of software.

And, thus, LinkTek was born.

Hello IT World!

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It was a modest birth.

The first version only supported the HTML file type. And while those pesky “Error 404 – Page Not Found” messages are a pain in the backside, we found that this was not really the biggest problem IT departments had in the world. Ah, but that led to other discoveries and, long story short, we found decent, smart, hard-working IT staff in need of help with losing data during data migrations and file system restructurings. So we added support for a s#*t-ton more file types, and soon found ourselves running around like mad trying to keep up with demand.


Welcome to the Future (DeLorean Optional)

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We continued to perfect the product; LinkFixer Advanced is the next evolution up from LinkFixerPlus, and the patented software surpasses its predecessor in terms of speed and data capacity. In the same amount of time it takes a present-day human to find and fix a single broken file link, LinkFixer Advanced can fix about 6,000 of the suckers.

We have arrived at the future.

LinkTek’s purpose is to improve the lives of computer users, IT departments, IT professionals, Records & Information Managers and CIOs by providing software that automatically repairs file links while also protecting them from the effects of data migrations and user errors.

Our mission: a world without broken links.

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