Downtime, Lost Data and Data Migrations

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We handle one of the most common causes of missing data after a migration — broken file links.

What type of migration project are you doing?

What type of migration project are you doing?

SharePoint Migration

Cloud or On-Premises

It seems like half the modern world is moving to SharePoint these days. SharePoint may be popular, but what’s not popular is the process of migrating to it. Many IT professionals have lost data during these migrations due to broken file links caused by the process of migrating.
Let LinkFixer Advanced protect your links and possibly your job.
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OneDrive Migration

OneDrive handily allows users to store files and personal data in the cloud, making moving to a remote work environment a breeze. Of course, the moment you move or rename files or folders, or begin any kind of restructuring, links break and data is lost. LinkFixer Advanced can prevent that from happening, or restore your lost data if things have already gone awry.
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Box Migration

When it comes to migrating to Box, it is important to think outside the box. Yes, Box enables the secure and reliable cloud storage of your files and folders, but moving files or folders around can still result in data that seems to have disappeared.
This is the result of links being broken during a move and it's exactly what LinkFixer Advanced was designed to automatically handle for you.
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Microsoft 365 Migration

The benefits of this industry-leading platform cannot be ignored. But whether you are using SharePoint or OneDrive for your cloud file storage, there’s a sneaky problem that occurs while you are migrating to Microsoft 365: File links break by the thousands. This results in missing data (and complaining end-users).
By automatically handling your file links, LinkFixer Advanced can prevent data from going missing in the first place, or can restore data that seems to have disappeared (if you have already migrated).
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Dropbox Migration

Dropbox is well-known for its online storage capabilities and file sharing features. But one thing not contained in its toolbox is a way to prevent the lost data that occurs when you move or rename files and folders that contain links. For this, a powerhouse like LinkFixer Advanced is the right tool for the job, either to prevent the links from breaking in the first place, or to repair the broken links and automatically restore your lost data after the fact.
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Server Refresh and Upgrades

(What your hardware rep won’t tell you)

Upgrading server infrastructure on a regular schedule improves performance, efficiency and reliability. What your hardware rep won’t tell you is all about the hassle of maintaining your file links in the process and the consequences of failing to do so (lost data, downtime, complaining users). LinkFixer Advanced makes this a breeze.
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File System Restructuring

Files and folders get reorganized — sometimes by you, sometimes by others. Either way, you need to pay careful attention to your links. Those links, when broken — which will happen in the process of renaming files, folders or drives — cause problems for users (lost data, downtime). And we all know that user problems become your problems. LinkFixer Advanced can avoid the whole mess for you.
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Migrating to The Cloud

New cloud-based storage systems seem to be popping up every day, and the benefits of each are well documented. However, what isn’t well documented are the problems (missing data, user downtime) resulting from the migration causing file links to break.
LinkFixer Advanced can re-link everything for you, fast and automatically.
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Let LinkFixer Advanced Safeguard Your Links, Before Your Migration

LinkFixer Advanced Video 1: Protecting and Auto-Restoring File Links, Millions at a Time

LinkFixer Advanced sets up your links so that you can do all the moving, renaming and restructuring you want, using whatever applications you like, with total impunity (links-wise). After the migration is done, LinkFixer Advanced can automatically re-link everything.

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Let LinkFixer Advanced Handle Your Migration

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LinkFixer Advanced Video 2: Moving and Renaming Your Files, Without Broken Links

One way you could use LinkFixer Advanced is to have it move and rename your files and folders. The magic here is that it can do this while automatically maintaining all your good links in the process.

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Do You Already Have Broken Links?

LinkFixer Advanced Video 3: Auto-Recovery from a Broken Links Disaster

Okay, so you didn’t find out about us in time to pre-safeguard your links, and now you’ve got thousands of broken ones. You can relax because LinkFixer Advanced has this situation covered too. No matter why your links got broken, LinkFixer Advanced has a process called “Modify Links” that can fix already-broken links faster than any other method on planet Earth.

Think of this as “Link Disaster Recovery”.

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LinkFixer Advanced can do the following on thousands of files at a time…

  • Migrate files and folders while automatically maintaining all the links between them.
  • Replace relative paths with absolute paths.
  • Replace absolute paths with relative paths.
  • Replace mapped drives with full UNC paths.
  • Search and replace server or share names.
  • Search and replace any part of a link path.
  • Update anchor text in Word, Excel and PowerPoint when replacing hyperlinks.
  • Convert SharePoint document IDs to or from URLs.
  • Handles international characters such as Unicode.
  • Can handle password protected files.
  • Supports content security, compliance and collaboration tools such as Box™.
  • Supports hyperlinks, OLE object links, mail merge links, images and more.

More Functions

  • Saves you from mind-numbing hours of trying to fix links using a replace application. Replacing links is so old-school (and not in the cool retro-muscle-car way.)
  • Alternatively, if you already have thousands of broken links, its disaster-recovery mode (Modify Links) can fix them faster than any replace tool or script on Earth.
  • Tech support? Ha! You get way more than just support. You get migration co-conspirators (more on this below).
  • Generally, makes you look like a genius who deserves a raise.

Note: For more details on what it can do, click on the capabilities tab.



What in the World Have Your Users Been Up To?

LinkFixer Advanced scans whatever system you point it to and generates three reports — each one covering the situation in your system from a different angle, giving you a complete understanding of what your users have been up to (at least as it regards files and links).

  • Broken Link Report: Lists all parent files that have broken links, so they can be fixed before causing problems.
  • Regular Report: Lists all parent files followed by a list of the child files it links to, giving you a complete report of your files.
  • Cross Reference Report: Generates a report listing each linked file followed by a list of all the parent files that point to it, letting you know whether it is safe to delete the file or not.

Supported File Types

  • Microsoft Excel xlsx xltx xls xlt xlsm xltm
  • Microsoft Word docx dotx doc dot docm dotm
  • Microsoft PowerPoint pot potm potx pps ppsm ppsx
    ppt pptm pptx
  • Microsoft Access accdb accde accdr accdt ade adn
  • Microsoft OneNote one
  • Microsoft Project mpp
  • Microsoft Visio vdw vdx vsd vsdx vss vst
  • SQL Databases sql mda mdb mde mdn mdt
  • Adobe Acrobat pdf ps eps
  • Adobe InDesign idml indd indt
  • Adobe PageMaker p65 pm pm6 pmd pmt t65
  • MicroStation dgn
  • AutoCAD dwg dxf
  • Revit rvt rte rfa rft
  • Web asp aspx css htm html js
    shtml swf mht mhtml dwt
  • Windows Shortcuts lnk

What's New

Key Product Enhancements

LinkFixer Advanced 6.12 — November 2023

  • Improved LinkFixer Advanced’s Summary report to include visible result codes on links and user account names in error messages for improved clarity. This update simplifies error resolution and enhances report usefulness for users.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.11 — August 2023

  • Restored the filename wildcard field, allowing users to specify file extensions (example: *.xlsx) to process specific types of files and links. This feature is now visible by default, enhancing user control over file and link selection.
  • Migrate faster! Optimized the Move/Rename process by eliminating redundant checks and tweaking the settings for peak performance.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.10 — July 2023

  • Added support for SharePoint lists. Now, you can have LinkFixer Advanced scan, report and modify links in SharePoint lists.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.9.1 — May 2023

  • Added a new feature that allows the user to import a file and link list for targeted processing. This decreases processing time, by ignoring files and links that don’t match the users imported criteria.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.8.1 — February 2023

  • Improved LinkFixer Advanced's capability to handle SharePoint Article pages in addition to Site, Wiki, and Web Part pages. Users can now scan, report, and modify links in this page type in all SharePoint environments.
  • Introduced a feature that enables users to bypass SharePoint versioning concerns, ensuring reliable processing of published files across various libraries in all SharePoint environments. This setting streamlines file handling without the need to adjust for different versioning configurations.
  • LinkFixer Advanced now supports classic SharePoint layout! With enriched support for both modern and classic layouts, LinkFixer Advanced can now find and fix links in all your libraries (both documents and pages).

LinkFixer Advanced 6.7.1 — November 2022

  • Introduced the functionality to import and export folder selections in the Select Folders screen. This allows users to efficiently specify folders for processing without the need to manually select them, saving effort and enhancing productivity.
  • Improved SharePoint Cure performance by adding a setting to reduce file downloads by using the data in the database instead. This enhancement ensures faster, more efficient processing without requiring any user action.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.6.1 — September 2022

  • Introduced context-sensitive help across all LinkFixer Advanced screens, offering clear, screen-specific guidance and easy access to further assistance from LinkTek Support.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.5.1 — September 2022

  • Added the ability to directly open files from the Preview screen in LinkFixer Advanced, by providing immediate file access, a step up from the previous limitation of only viewing file and link paths.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.4.1 — August 2022

  • Added a new setting in LinkFixer Advanced to filter SharePoint folder types in the Select Folder screen. This allows users to efficiently focus on document libraries, special folders, or all folders, thereby streamlining folder selection for processing.
  • Enhanced LinkFixer Advanced command-line support by letting users import a folder list through a text-format list file, helping them save time.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.3.1 — August 2022

  • Improved the Create Rules screen with a new layout for easier rule comparison, quick-edit options, and clear indicators for managing rules more effectively.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.2.3 — August 2022

  • Added a Select Links step to the Scan Only process, to let users target specific links while scanning.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.2.2 — July 2022

  • Added the ability to import Modify Links or Move/Rename rules through the command line using a CSV file, significantly streamlining large-scale automated migrations in LinkFixer Advanced.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.2.1 — July 2022

  • Revised the Process Files screen to include active rules for Modify Links and Move/Rename processes, quick-edit buttons for last minute changes, and additional details section to display important settings before starting the process. This makes setup more intuitive and user-friendly.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.1.2 — July 2022

  • Improved the level of support we had for links in Excel Power Queries. Users can now modify links pointing to folders in addition to files (already existed).

LinkFixer Advanced 6.1.1 — June 2022

  • LinkFixer Advanced now supports Revit files (.rvt, .rte, .rfa, .rft) across all processes. This helps users safeguard link integrity in these types of files.
  • Added support for Azure SQL Managed instance by letting users authenticate to SQL Managed database using Azure AD authentication. This gives the users option to store LinkFixer Advanced process data in the cloud.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.0.2 — March 2022

  • Implemented a feature that automatically corrects faulty user provided SharePoint site collection URLs. This helps improve accuracy and reduce setup errors for user-provided paths.

LinkFixer Advanced 6.0 — February 2022

  • We now support the Box Cloud storage system. Whether you’re migrating to Box or away from it, LinkFixer Advanced will protect your file links.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.8 — December 2021

  • Added support to scan, report, and modify links in SharePoint Site and Wiki Pages, with scanning and reporting capabilities extended to Web Part Pages, streamlining link management across different SharePoint page types.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.7.3 — October 2021

  • LinkFixer Advanced now quadruples its file processing speed out of the box without requiring any additional settings adjustments. This helps users utilize the built-in SQLite database and boosts performance compared to the previous one-file-at-a-time approach.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.7.2 — September 2021

  • Introduced support for Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition's reference attachments (links). Users can now maintain link integrity within these specialized engineering documents.
  • Improved handling of Unicode characters in links stored in PDF parent files. This update offers precision and accuracy while managing these types of links.
  • Added an expandable tray to the Home Screen, streamlining navigation with quick access to essential features and settings. This particularly benefits new users by simplifying their initial experience.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.7.1 — July 2021

  • Added a new LinkTek Labs settings category. This is a place for users to explore early-access and experimental features.
  • Introduced support for links to Excel charts in PowerPoint (.pptx and .ppt) files, enhancing LinkFixer Advanced's ability to maintain connections between data visualizations and presentations.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.6.3 — May 2021

  • Streamlined SharePoint/OneDrive configuration by adding the ability to import multiple user credentials using an import CSV file and authenticating them automatically. This significantly reduces the setup time.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.6.2 — April 2021

  • Introduced safety checks by storing agent timestamps and file status to prevent SharePoint files from remaining checked out during extended throttling periods.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.6.1 — March 2021

  • Completely revamped the Preview screen for clarity, introducing a side-by-side view of link changes and color-coded indicators for link status, greatly simplifying navigation, and enhancing the ease of comparison between broken and working links in files.
  • Added support for links with Unicode characters in Visio .vsd files. This update offers precision and accuracy while managing these types of links.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.5.27 — December 2020

  • LinkFixer Advanced now identifies character encodings like ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-32 in text-format files, ensuring better handling and preservation of content across different encoding standards.

LinkFixer Advanced 5.5.8 — October 2020

  • We now support password-protected Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and Word files (.doc, .docx), broadening LinkFixer Advanced's ability to work with secure documents.
  • Added support for links with Unicode characters in Excel .xls files. This update offers precision and accuracy while managing these types of links.

A high-level overview in three minutes and six seconds

"The tool worked wonderfully for our project, and I highly recommend it to anyone who was in our situation, moving from a file share structure to DFS. Everyone on your team who I worked with was very professional and courteous."

Seth Arnoff, Security and Compliance Coordinator
Aux Sable Liquid Products, Morris, Illinois

Patented to Safeguard Your Peace of Mind

LinkFixer Advanced is not only the best link mapping tool on the market, in terms of preserving links and automatically fixing links in massive batches of thousands at a time, it’s the only tool on the market. LinkTek was awarded a patent on the technology that safeguards your links in advance, meaning nothing you migrate, rename, or move will become a broken link — just inoculate and cure! Essentially, LinkFixer Advanced inserts a “locator beacon” into each parent file (a file containing links) and into each child file linked to that parent file. These “locator beacons” are unique to each parent-child combination, allowing LinkFixer Advanced to re-unite all these files automatically, after your project is completed. You can also use it on a periodic basis to ensure that all of your links continue to work.
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LinkFixer Advanced Reports

LinkFixer Advanced is a powerful tool for analyzing your websites, work documents, spreadsheets, image files and more. It creates complete reports that highlight errors and problems within a wide range of file types. Our special reporting options help you identify the links that aren’t working properly and see where they should link. If you’re interested in an evaluation of your files and links, simply build a report so you can review the data in PDF or CSV format:
  • Broken Link Report — Lists all the parent files that contain one or more broken links and tells you which links are broken.
  • Regular Report — Lists each parent file, followed by all the child files that parent links to.
  • Cross-Reference Report — The opposite of the Regular Report, this report lists each child file, followed by all the parent files that have links pointing to it.
You can, for example, generate a report listing all files containing broken links and use automated rules in LinkFixer Advanced to fix them!

Try LinkFixer Advanced Today!

LinkFixer Advanced is such a strong data protection and link preservation tool that we offer a free trial to potential customers. We’re sure you’ll be so satisfied that the purchase will be a no-brainer.
In your free trial, you’ll have support for all the hyperlinks, OLE object links, mail merge links, images and more. Easily move and rename files, check on the success of your server migration and start the process of repairing broken links without any hassles for your staff. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or if you just want to bounce some data migration ideas off of someone.
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