What Do Our Customers Have to Say?


“I want to thank you and your techs for their help with our project. We were able to sift through over 600 GB’s of data with thousands of Microsoft Office files and fix links. Due to a server change that did not support spaces in root folder names, we had to remove spaces from 7 root folders on our Network Appliance filer. We were able to do this with little or no impact to our end users by changing links with the folder name in it to a UNC path. This allowed us to fix the links and then make the change to the folder name. I have spread the word in the Deere community that your product works great.”

Michael Nowels, Network Administrator
John Deere


“LinkFixer is a great piece of software. It is a utility that takes a basic idea and incorporates it into a powerful tool. You would think that what LinkFixer does would have already been a part of an Office Suite or operating system. However, that isn’t the case, so LinkFixer has answered the needs of many by simplifying the management of document links across a wide variety of different software applications. Good job!”

Alex Moreno
Masterfoods USA

life-fitness (2)

“The tool worked wonderfully for our project, and I highly recommend it to anyone who was in our situation, moving from a file share structure to DFS.

Everyone on your team who I worked with was very professional and courteous. I can’t thank you enough; using the tool, the support and the sales experiences were some of the best experiences I’ve encountered.”

Aux Saable & Seth Arnoff
Security and Compliance Coordinator

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“We used the LinkFixer Gold software to help us complete our document migration project. We used it to replace thousands of hyperlinks and other types of links in thousands of files. During the project, LinkTek provided superb support for our project requirements. We were able to talk to live support personnel in minutes and get quick responses. And LinkTek continues to improve their product to help our needs. LinkFixer was the unique software on the market that would resolve our problem.”

Benson Wu
Computer Systems Analyst
Northrop Grumman

nitec (1)

“We had upgraded a customer’s file server and there were many undocumented links across many folders. If LinkFixer had only documented the links we would have been happy, but we completed the rebuilding of the links for our customer, and I thought you might be interested in the number of links fixed – 12,000! (Yes there are three zeroes after the 12!) I will recommend [LinkFixer] to any other customers that use linked spreadsheets.”

Peter McMahon
Nitec Solutions Ltd.


“Thank you for helping me salvage several years worth of work! Without going into great detail, changes over time left me with files containing links that didn’t exist anymore. In addition, I had files with broken links due to company name changes. All in all, this created many broken links and, what I thought was, an impossible job of fixing them all. This morning I purchased LinkFixer. By noon, the links were working! I now feel like broken links are a thing of the past. Thanks again for your great product and for the awesome support you provide.”

Gail Johnson
Grant County Public Utility District

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