What Do Our Customers Have to Say?


“I want to thank you and your techs for their help with our project. We were able to sift through over 600 GB’s of data with thousands of Microsoft Office files and fix links. Due to a server change that did not support spaces in root folder names, we had to remove spaces from 7 root folders on our Network Appliance filer. We were able to do this with little or no impact to our end users by changing links with the folder name in it to a UNC path. This allowed us to fix the links and then make the change to the folder name. I have spread the word in the Deere community that your product works great.”

Michael Nowels, IT manager
John Deere


“I am writing to share my experience of using LinkFixer, a solution that has significantly contributed to our company’s efficiency and data integrity. As a Director of GoSharePoint I have had the pleasure of utilizing LinkFixer for eight years and have been thoroughly impressed with its capabilities.

LinkFixer has proven to be an invaluable asset in managing and safeguarding our data, particularly when it comes to updating and restructuring file links. The user-friendly interface and robust features have simplified what could otherwise be a complex and time-consuming process. LinkFixer’s ability to seamlessly update links in various file types, in our experience Microsoft Office files, HTML, Adobe Acrobat, and DC files, has been particularly advantageous for our diverse data environment.

Working with large projects LinkFixer has saved us hours of work by identifying exactly which links need to be fixed and those to be disregard. Our clients have a clear picture of what data migration results will be, and you know where to focus your energy on.

The software’s efficiency in handling large-scale data migrations, especially strictly secured data, ensures link accuracy, and prevents disruptions. The technical support provided by the LinkFixer team has been responsive and knowledgeable, addressing any inquiries promptly and effectively.

One of the standout features of LinkFixer is its meticulous reporting system, which provides detailed insights into link updates and changes, analyse your data, and identifies what links need to be changed and processed before migration process takes place. This has been instrumental in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout our data management processes.

In conclusion, I recommend LinkFixer to any organization seeking a reliable and comprehensive solution for managing file links. Its effectiveness, coupled with exceptional customer support, makes it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.

I am confident that LinkFixer will prove to be an excellent addition to your data management toolkit.”

Michael Pomfret


LinkFixer is a great piece of software. It is a utility that takes a basic idea and incorporates it into a powerful tool. You would think that what LinkFixer does would have already been a part of an Office Suite or operating system. However, that isn’t the case, so LinkFixer has answered the needs of many by simplifying the management of document links across a wide variety of different software applications. Good job!”

Alex Moreno
Masterfoods USA

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“The tool worked wonderfully for our project, and I highly recommend it to anyone who was in our situation, moving from a file share structure to DFS.

Everyone on your team who I worked with was very professional and courteous. I can’t thank you enough; using the tool, the support and the sales experiences were some of the best experiences I’ve encountered.”

Aux Saable & Seth Arnoff
Security and Compliance Coordinator

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“We used the LinkFixer Gold software to help us complete our document migration project. We used it to replace thousands of hyperlinks and other types of links in thousands of files. During the project, LinkTek provided superb support for our project requirements. We were able to talk to live support personnel in minutes and get quick responses. And LinkTek continues to improve their product to help our needs. LinkFixer was the unique software on the market that would resolve our problem.”

Benson Wu
Computer Systems Analyst
Northrop Grumman


“Thank you for helping me salvage several years worth of work! Without going into great detail, changes over time left me with files containing links that didn’t exist anymore. In addition, I had files with broken links due to company name changes. All in all, this created many broken links and, what I thought was, an impossible job of fixing them all. This morning I purchased LinkFixer. By noon, the links were working! I now feel like broken links are a thing of the past. Thanks again for your great product and for the awesome support you provide.”

Gail Johnson
Grant County Public Utility District

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LinkFixerPlus enables me to do my job more efficiently. Before LinkFixerPlus the process of link-checking was extremely time-consuming. I had to open the document I was working with and manually click on each hyperlink. Now, I am able to use LinkFixerPlus and it is as easy as selecting which documents I would like to link-check and running the program. It is possible to run LinkFixerPlus on multiple documents saved in various locations. LinkFixerPlus has turned a once tedious process into a quick and simple task.”

Monica Majewski
Caliber Associates


LinkFixer made it possible for us to migrate the files, and fix all of the links in the scope of work in a single weekend so that the users were able to return to business as usual the following Monday! We haven’t put together a cost comparison, but I am confident in saying that it cost significantly less money to purchase the LinkFixer license and fix the links than to spend several weeks fixing them manually.

Thanks so much LinkTek!”

David Fortin
IT Systems Administrator
State of Vermont


“Broken links can cause high blood pressure. Okay, maybe not….maybe it’s just me. But the number one problem we needed a solution for was how to prevent broken links when updating disclosure packages. Each updated package is renamed to reflect the most recent version, with the previous information being brought forward to the next package. Under the new document name, all previous links became broken.

LinkFixer proved to be THE solution. We can now carry our information forward without losing any links, then continue linking the new information all within a timely, cost-efficient manner (LinkFixer performs this task in minutes compared to the two to three days it takes to manually re-establish all the previous links). I highly recommend LinkFixer as the number one solution for addressing the problem of broken links.

The program is a lifesaver when carrying over large numbers of documents with links to a new file folder…don’t know how we ever managed without it quite frankly.”

Christine Day
Information Administrator
Calgary, Alberta


“One of our projects involved moving 30,000 finance department files, totaling 35 GB, to another server and restructuring the department’s folders to a proper hierarchy. We encountered thousands of broken links that would have taken months for us to manually repair.

LinkFixerPlus helped us save a tremendous amount of money and time by not having to manually fix broken links in the moved files. If we had not found LinkFixerPlus, we would have had to hire a team of people to manually re-link the files, and that would have cost our company a fortune.”

John Tran
Sr. Manager of Infrastructure
ExpressJet Airlines


“We were migrating from a Novell environment to Windows Active Directory and therefore had to move data from a lettered drive, which had tons of financial spreadsheets containing links to other lettered drives, to a non-lettered drive format. Therefore we looked for any software that could automate this process and save us time. We estimated that we had some 100,000 links (at a minimum) and that LinkFixerPlus would save us some 2,500 hours of manually updating these links in Excel.

We also have an internal website that is job-dependent for our customer service department, and needed to have any data moves and updating of links done immediately after the data move is completed. The time savings for updating these links [using LinkFixerPlus] is tremendous, as there are hundreds of links on these web pages.

Time and cost of locating and repairing 100,000 broken links without using LinkFixerPlus:
• Estimated project hours: 2,500 hours
• Estimated hourly cost: $30.14 ($60,279 / 50 weeks / 40 hours )
• Total estimated cost: $75,350
Time and cost of locating and repairing 100,000 broken links using LinkFixerPlus:
• Actual project time: Under 5 hours
• Estimated hourly cost: $30.14 ($60,279 / 50 weeks / 40 hours )
• Total estimated cost: $151
Dean Health Systems saved $75,199 on this one project alone, a savings of 99%! By using LinkFixerPlus, the daunting task of repairing over 100,000 links was done quickly and efficiently”

Anneka Lueth
Dean Health Systems

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“We purchased LinkFixer to help ensure data integrity while moving data between servers for load-balancing purposes. The data on our servers is crucial for business operations, and a risk of breaking links would threaten disruption that we could not afford. Such risk would have called a halt to the project, due to financial and legal consequences.

LinkFixer handled the situation quite well. Any support issues that came up were resolved quickly. For example, in one case we had a problem with an unusual type of non-standard Acrobat PDF file. The LinkTek support team promptly resolved the issue by making an enhancement to the Acrobat plug-in to support the PDF file type in question.
LinkFixer has been a good product and very helpful in easing the mind of my internal clients. It provides risk mitigation for the data migration process.”

Alex Rebsch
Corporate IT
Shell Trading


LinkFixer was used for a specific data migration project which has now been completed. The software allowed us to easily identify links within over 60 gigabytes of documents and data, and change them to point to a new server. The execution of the link fixing process was straightforward and saved the project team a great deal of time and money.”

Jonathan Moss
Systems Analyst
Marks and Spencer Money – UK


“We are utilizing LinkFixer to enhance our online archiving. We have a dedicated NAS server that holds all of our past projects in their original digital format. The problem has always been that once a project has been archived and moved to another server, the AutoCAD and InDesign files lose their links to all of the reference files stored in the moved folders. This has made the ease of using online archives not as valuable.

“The tendency has been to make the IT group move the projects back to the live project server to do any mass work or review, thus defeating the purpose of archiving. LinkFixer is allowing us to quickly repair the previously moved jobs and giving us the flexibility to move archival material much easier. This especially pays off when we migrate the jobs that are on hold to our archive server and have to make them active again at a later time.”

Steven Edwards
VP Information Technology
SBC Design


“We are an ISO 9000:2001 certified company and part of that requires a huge master document list, which has accumulated over 1000 lines, all linked to a variety of corresponding documents. It is very important to have these links working at all times. Previously it would take me hours to check each link in the documents, at least once a week. Now with LinkFixer, it takes me only minutes to run the report to check for [and fix] any broken links! I am so glad that I have this program, I would not be without it!”

Jacquie Jochumsen
Document Control Specialist
TROY Group, Inc.


“The software works great, and has saved us a ton of time.”

Steve Watson


“We had a project to clean-up the file structure on our group drive. As part of this project we identified thousands of word and excel documents which had imbedded links. In order to make the change as painless as possible, we used the LinkFixer tool to automatically switch those links for us. I would say that it worked for 99% of our links which saved us a lot of time overall.”

Chad Maupin
Systems Analyst
Rogers Corporation


“The project/move was a success. LinkFixer worked out great. Thank you for great help and assistance!”

Anders Hansen-Øvre
Contra Consulting House


LinkFixer has done an excellent job for us – thanks to your team for a great product!”

Liza Fox


“We are an Architectural/Engineering firm with 5 offices located throughout the country. As we work on projects it is common to move a project’s data between offices at different phases to take advantage of the talent in each office. LinkFixer simplifies the project migration by letting us quickly remap xrefs in AutoCAD files associated with the project.”

Edward Quinn
Westlake Reed Leskosky


“Back in 2004, we were migrating Netware File Server over to Windows 2003 Server File Server. We were required to update all Excel 2003 links within all documents to reflect the new server name. Since then the software was only used on few occasions where we were moving group of files from one server to another. The tool was a good choice and worked perfectly every time.”

Bart Wyka


“One day, our file server crashed. It was hardware related so I had to create a new server with a new server name. Unfortunately, there were many graphic files that had links to our old server name. We had approximately 5,000 links to correct which would have taken an enormous amount of time. After a brief search on Google, I found LinkFixer. I downloaded the program and saw that it would correct the links for us in bulk. After purchasing the product and a little time to configure, I was able to correct the links in the graphics files within a couple of hours. I should have contacted LinkTek Tech Support sooner during the configuration stage because it would have saved me more time.”

Randy Haley
Maverick Business Forms, Inc.


“We purchased the software with a specific requirement to ensure all links within Excel spreadsheets were maintained when our Local Government Authority introduced a new network naming convention. They were not simply re-allocating drive letters, but completely changing the folder naming conventions.

Links were a mix of simple cell references to other spreadsheets, cell references in complex formula, references in data names, pivot tables and VBA. There were also data connections to some access databases.

We used the software to analyze the file structure and find all links before the migration and to fix broken links where needed before any changes were made to the file structures.

I was also able to analyze file structures and fix links for other departments on behalf of our IT department, who had not found any alternative automated methods of checking and fixing links to help with the migration. The IT department were impressed with the speed, accuracy and ease of Link Fixer.

I again recently used the software when someone decided to move a load of files without thinking to tell anyone else. Again the software solved the problem in minutes. This software is definitely in my armory of IT tools!”

Andy Warner
Waste Management
Worcestershire County Council, UK


“1) Please describe the project that you used the software on or the problem you were trying to resolve with LinkFixer.
“We had a web link pointing to our central repository server used to page our support teams. They upgraded the web server and also decided to change the server URL. We had over 2000 references to the old link that needed to be updated. This was a huge undertaking that would require multiple hours, days or months to complete. We quickly began searching for an automated solution. It wasn’t long before we found LinkFixer. This solution proved to be exactly what we needed. The LinkTek salesperson set us up with the right package and we were able to configure the software and get our links resolved in a fraction of the time.”

2) How did using LinkFixer help you with the project or solve that particular problem?
“We were able to target the links that needed to change and with a few clicks, all documents were updated to the new URL.”

3) How much time and money did using LinkFixer save you or your company?
“We had initially planned to recruit contract help to get the task completed. We were able to do it with one person, one license and one computer in just over 2 hours.”

4) Anything else you would like to add?
“This software is hands-down the best, if not the only, software of its kind on the market. Don’t mess around with trying to solve a problem on your own. Get LinkFixer!”

Survey Questions and Answers

Kevin Sears


“The software has made things a whole lot easier for us. We converted links in over 4000 documents in a little less than 2 days (most of that was spent importing and exporting data). We have also used it on some other things here and there but for the most part, the time we saved on the initial project paid for the software in itself.”

“The Application has helped us sort out the issues we had with the migration of several hundreds of links in Excel 2003 to 2007. Thanks to Link Fixer we were able to complete the migration of the software while maintaining the integrity of the data.”

Vicente Herrera
I.T. Lead
SNC-Lavalin Inc.


“I ran inoculate and they moved the files. I ran the link checker report for them after the move so they could see that there were no broken links. They really appreciated the assurance I was able to supply for them with your reports.

I am sure you have seen by now that they agree with you on the value of LinkfixerPlus and we have sent the invoice to accounting for payment.”
Thank you. I have used your training and your help desk people in the past and found them both to be very helpful. Thank you.”

Gail Johnson
Grant County PUD (Public Utility District)


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