How to Protect Links
During a Data Migration or
File-System Reorganization

A Guide for IT Professionals

Broken links caused by the moving and renaming of files and folders, can cause disruption, missing data, lost revenue and reduced productivity, to name but a few.

Introducing our insightful eBook, How to Protect Links During Data Migration or File System Reorganization (And What Can Happen If You Don’t).

This essential resource is tailored for network administrators and IT professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and strategies to identify and repair broken links swiftly and effectively.

If broken links are not yet a problem, this eBook also offers a safe, modern way to protect links against future breakage, whether due to data migration, file system reorganization or unwitting end-users.

Discover How To:

Pinpoint the root causes of broken links.
Utilize advanced solutions for efficient identification and repairs.
Discover how to insure against link breakage in the future.
Access a free link reporting tool to save you hours.

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Key Features:

In-Depth Insight


Discover the intricacies of links, understand the causes of their breakage, and how to avoid the consequences.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

Discover how to easily diagnose broken links, enterprise-wide, and enjoy access to a phenomenal time-saving free tool.

Proactive Strategies


Embrace the safe, modern way to protect against broken links, reducing future disruption.

Toolbox of Resources

Toolbox of

Gain access to tools and software to streamline the identification, protection or repair process.

Who Should Read:

Designed by the experts that opened the link-repair software genre, this eBook caters to:

Network Admins
IT Managers and Professionals
Database Admins
Any individual responsible for maintaining a reliable network.

Gain the knowledge on how to handle broken links so they no longer cause: downtime, disruption, missing data, complaining end-users, loss of revenue or furious execs.

It’s all contained in, How to Protect Links During Data Migration or File System Reorganization (And What Can Happen If You Don’t).

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