Missing Some MicroStation Reference Files?

The project deadline is looming. You (or someone in your engineering department) stayed late many nights to ensure that everything needed for the submittal was perfect. One day, you go to open a master design file and make the unpleasant discovery that all the references are missing. Someone moved something or renamed a drive. Who knows? But now you have a lot of tedious work ahead of you.

If this hasn’t happened to you directly, there is probably someone in your organization that has experienced this first hand and it was no fun.

Or what if you have to do some sort of data migration that will affect the drive letters or paths to a lot of files on your system (including hundreds of design files)?

Here is the problem: Server upgrades, data migrations, file system changes and user-generated changes happen. That’s part of a growing and changing organization. As these things occur, references go missing and that slows production and can really upset people.

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However, you and your design team can prevent these problems by ensuring that your MicroStation references are safeguarded by using LinkFixer Advanced. In addition to protecting your DGN files, LinkFixer Advanced will protect and repair links in all of the most common file types such as Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, InDesign, HTML, AutoCAD and many others. For a complete list of file types, visit the main LinkFixer Advanced page by clicking here.

LinkFixer Advanced, using exclusive patented technology, ensures all the links (to your references) in your MicroStation files are safeguarded in advance. Later, when those files are moved or renamed, LinkFixer Advanced can then automatically find and fix broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch.

LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken MicroStation Links — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe InDesign, Premiere and PageMaker, MicroStation, AutoCAD, HTML, OpenText, and more.

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LinkFixer Advanced can re-link your files (of a variety of types) thousands at a time, with minimal input. We’ve automated as much as possible to help you get back to the work you do as quickly as possible. For further details on the different features available to you with LinkFixer Advanced.

Additionally, LinkFixer Advanced can also generate a variety of detailed link reports showing all the links contained within your MicroStation files. It will even automatically validate each-and-every link. These reports will help you to manage the file links on your local network or your entire enterprise. These reports are easily exported in HTML or CSV formats for further analysis.

Many IT professionals worldwide count on LinkFixer Advanced to prevent data loss and user downtime based on broken links.

MicroStation is not required to process links in MicroStation files using LinkFixer Advanced.

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