Tired of Losing Valuable Time Messing With Missing XRefs?

Has your CAD or engineering department experienced problems with missing XRefs when designing in AutoCAD? Do project folder names and AutoCAD® XRef filenames need to be updated because of project name changes? Do references in your drawing files need to be reported and validated before the project files are sent to a customer or archived?

Sure, sometimes you can find workarounds for these issues, but often they can be time-consuming and prone to error. So, in the end, they are not the best solution and can delay projects, resulting in missed deadlines — and no one wants that!

LinkFixer Advanced™ is a fast, standalone tool that allows for the reporting, validation and automatic repathing and repair of XRef links contained within batches of AutoCAD drawing files.

200 MPH

LinkFixer Advanced also protects and repairs links in all the most popular file types, like Word®, Excel®, InDesign® and more. (Click here for a full list of supported file types.)

LinkFixer Advanced is like a “power version” of AutoDesk’s® Reference Manager. But beyond Reference Manager, LinkFixer Advanced allows you to select files in multiple folders and subfolders at one time. And in place of typing the full replacement path, or having to manually browse to find it, LinkFixer Advanced allows you to create and save sophisticated rules that define how broken references should be repathed, automatically, and in batch.

LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken AutoCAD Links — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Excel, Visio®, PowerPoint®, Access®, Adobe® InDesign, Premiere® and PageMaker®, MicroStation®, AutoCAD, HTML, OpenText®, and more.

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LinkFixer Advanced also enables you to easily move or rename drawing files, in batch, along with the files they reference, such as XRefs, images or sheet sets, without causing broken references in the drawing files. Additionally, LinkFixer Advanced can be used to fix references that are already broken because of linked files that were moved or renamed.

LinkFixer Advanced can also generate a variety of detailed reports showing all of the XRef paths contained within the drawing files. It will even automatically validate each and every reference, including links pointing to XRefs, images, fonts or OLE objects, so that broken links can be easily identified and repaired.

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