Easily Repair Links in Your Visio Documents

Are you experiencing the frustration of broken links throughout your Microsoft Visio files?

With LinkFixer Advanced™, your broken links can be easily re-mapped and repaired, even if the broken links are in hundreds or even thousands!


LinkFixer Advanced, has an automated process that verifies, prepares, and fixes broken Visio® links. LinkFixer Advanced also fixes broken links on a variety of file types.

LinkFixer Advanced allows for the automatic reporting, maintenance, and repair of links contained within Microsoft® Visio files.

Using LinkFixer Advanced, broken links (hyperlinks, object links, image links, macro links and video links) can be automatically repaired when Visio files (along with many other types of files as well) are moved or renamed, such as during a file system reorganization or a data migration.

Broken Link

Additionally, using exclusive patented technology, links in supported file types (like Visio) can be “safeguarded” in advance so that when files are moved or renamed at a later time, LinkFixer Advanced can then be used to automatically find and fix broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch.

Additionally, LinkFixer Advanced can also generate a variety of detailed link reports showing all of the links contained within the Visio files. It will even automatically validate each and every link, including links pointing to external HTML Web pages, so that broken links can easily be identified.

And LinkFixer Advanced performs direct binary file access to links in Visio files providing significant benefits including:

  • Super-fast processing speeds.
  • Ability to bypass problematic user-defined macros that could hinder processing.

There is no requirement for Microsoft Visio to be installed, in order for LinkFixer Advanced to process links in Visio files.


LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken PowerPoint Links — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Excel®, Visio, PowerPoint®, Access®, Adobe InDesign®, Premiere® and PageMaker®, MicroStation®, AutoCAD®, HTML, OpenText®, and more.

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