How to Safely Move Revit Files and Avoid Missing Data

Do you have a data migration coming up that includes moving various important Revit® files? Do those files contain links to other files?

As an IT pro, you’re aware that moving files breaks links, and that broken file links produce some undesirable results, none of which you want to deal with. Who wants downtime, lost data, complaining end users and grumpy bosses? No one, that’s who.

The best solution in this situation is to use LinkFixer Advanced to protect those links, which automatically guards against data loss.


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Moving Insurance

You wouldn’t move your valuables without moving insurance, would you? Protect your data in the same way. If you plan to move datasets containing Revit files to a new file share, you need to think of LinkFixer Advanced as moving insurance. But this type of insurance is practically guaranteed to be needed and always pays you way more than its cost.

If your Revit files contain links to other Revit files, CAD files or DWF markups, as soon as anyone moves any of those files, links get broken, which results in data that appears to have gone missing. LinkFixer Advanced helps you automatically avoid broken links caused by migrating your Revit files and/or the files they are linked to.

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What Does LinkFixer Advanced Do?

LinkFixer Advanced can be used in three different ways.

The easiest — and the fastest — way is to use LinkFixer Advanced prior to moving your Revit files (and any other files, for that matter). First, use the Inoculate process to protect your working links. Then go ahead and perform your migration. Once your migration is complete, run the Cure process to automatically fix the links that broke during the migration. The result? Intact links and zero data loss, with no complicated planning required.

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If you’ve recently completed a migration and didn’t use LinkFixer Advanced to protect your links, you can use the Modify Links process to fix your broken links after the fact. Think of LinkFixer Advanced as damage control for your data.

If you haven’t found the right migration tool to transfer your data, you should try LinkFixer Advanced’s Move/Rename process. This process will migrate your files and repair links that break during the migration.

No matter which phase of a migration you’re in, LinkFixer Advanced can help you.

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Peace of Mind & Saving Time

By automatically taking care of the links in your Revit files, LinkFixer Advanced offers you peace of mind and saves a ton of time when Revit files need to be moved.

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