Hyperlinks Not Working in PowerPoint?
Let LinkFixer Advanced Help You Protect
and Repair Your PowerPoint Links

No More Broken PowerPoint Links From Data Migration

Data migration no longer needs to include broken PowerPoint hyperlinks and lost information. With LinkFixer Advanced, hyperlinks not working in PowerPoint is a thing of the past. You now have an automated ally to prevent harm and broken PowerPoint links during your next document move.

Note: This page is about PowerPoint files. Check our LinkFixer Advanced product page and learn more about how it handles other types of files.


Move and/or rename all of your parent files and their related child files in batches as large as you want, all done safely with our Move/Rename tool. As files are moved, links are automatically updated so you don’t have to go back and correct broken PowerPoint hyperlinks — or links in almost any file type, for that matter. (LinkFixer Advanced actually automatically handles links in pretty much all the world’s most common file types.)

In a data migration, broken links in PowerPoint won’t be a worry. With LinkFixer Advanced and its PowerPoint File Repair tool, not a single link is irreparably damaged, no matter if you’re switching folders or moving to a new server. We’ve got you covered with support for moving and renaming PowerPoint files that contain links to other files. If it isn’t broken, you don’t need to fix it — and that’s good news for you and your whole team! The great news is that LinkFixer Advanced works on a whole host of other file types as well, including the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe, AutoCAD, HTML and more. For complete information, visit our LinkFixer Advanced product page.

LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken PowerPoint Hyperlinks — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe InDesign, Premiere and PageMaker, MicroStation, AutoCAD, HTML, OpenText, and more.

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Prevent Damage by Automatically Fixing Microsoft PowerPoint Links After Data Migration.

LinkFixer Advanced allows you to easily safeguard and correct broken PowerPoint hyperlinks that may occur when you’re moving files, changing folders or completing a full data migration. Even if you use your own migration tool, you can still use LinkFixer Advanced to safeguard against lost data. We know things can go wrong during any migration, no matter the size. Our repair tool is the most robust PowerPoint broken link checker option on the market.

Broken PowerPoint links due to data migration are a thing of the past thanks to our Inoculate and Cure functions. The two-fold process starts with inoculating your files (which is like putting a protective shell around all the links in all your selected files).

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The Inoculation step creates a secondary association between your parent file and each of its child files. This will ensure that, should anything happen, all your file links are “backed up” and can be repaired automatically and fast.

The Cure comes with the push of a button and a savings of countless man-hours — and possibly even a headache or two (or five). Let us programmatically perform all of the checks to fix broken PowerPoint hyperlinks after data migration.

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LinkFixer Advanced is designed to prevent link-related data loss in PowerPoint and prevent you from having to manually repair broken PowerPoint links when your migration is complete.

This PowerPoint broken link checker tool means your hyperlinks in PowerPoint files can be “safeguarded” in advance so that when files are moved or renamed at a later time, LinkFixer Advanced can be used to automatically find and fix broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch.

A Bonus Beyond Our Broken Link Fixer: Link Disaster Recovery

Did you not find out about LinkFixer Advanced until after you have already done some kind of migration or restructuring, and now you are left with thousands of messed up links? LinkFixer Advanced is the repair tool you have been looking for.

Need to change all the links in 500,000 files? No sweat. “Modify Links” gives you the power to define custom rename rules to modify the content of links contained within batches of parent files. So it can help you even after disaster has struck.

Microsoft PowerPoint is not needed by LinkFixer Advanced to process links in PowerPoint files.

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