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You typically have links in Adobe PageMaker files that point to external files, such as .tif or .eps graphic files. Consequently, you are often faced with a special problem: what to do when you want to move or rename your linked files. As soon as any of these files (or the folders they reside in) are moved or renamed, broken links are created.

If moving or renaming a file or folder causes only a few broken links, the problem is not severe. You could manually open each PageMaker file and manually fix each broken link. But what if moving or renaming files or folders would cause dozens or even thousands of broken links?

LinkFixer Advanced does automatic reporting, maintenance, and repair of links contained within PageMaker documents, as well as pretty much all of the most common file types you regularly use. For a complete list of file types supported, visit the main LinkFixer Advanced page by clicking here.


LinkFixer Advanced enables you to easily move or rename PageMaker files and/or any files linked to PageMaker files, without causing broken links in the process.

With LinkFixer Advanced, you have a few options. For example, broken links can either be automatically fixed as the files are moved or renamed, or links can be automatically repaired after the files are moved or renamed, at your choice, depending upon how you need to do your migration or your file system reorganization.

LinkFixer Advanced gives you the ability to rename or move linked files, in batch, using sophisticated rename rules, without causing broken links in the files that point to them.

LinkFixer Advanced

Protects your good links and fixes your broken links — automatically!

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It also safeguards healthy links in parent files, allowing it to automatically fix all these links when they become broken. And it fixes broken links in safeguarded files totally automatically, even if you have millions of files. It also generates a number of link reports that include listing all files containing broken links, as well as the files they should link to, so they can be fixed before causing problems.

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Finally, you can also have LinkFixer Advanced perform sophisticated global search and replace operations on filenames contained within links in dozens or even thousands of files with a single command.

LinkFixer Advanced actually generates a variety of detailed link reports showing all of the links contained within your files. It will even automatically validate each and every link, including links pointing to external HTML Web pages, so that broken links can easily be identified.

It is not required to have PageMaker installed in order for LinkFixer Advanced to work its magic.


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