Financial Sector Faces Ongoing Need to Migrate Data; LinkTek Technology Helps IT Managers Streamline Process, Avoid Disruption

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(Clearwater, FL)  — In today’s business environment, IT managers in the financial sector face a twofold — and daunting — challenge. In the wake of the business scandals of the 1990s and the near-collapse of the global banking system in 2008-2009, a number of complex laws were put in place to regulate the content and reporting…

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Why do Links Really Matter in a Data Migration?

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Okay, now we’ve gone over what a link really is and how a link really works. And I think by this point we all have some inkling of why we really care about all this. But, here’s the doozy… Why does this matter when we’re talking about data migration? And how much does it really matter? Well, broadly…

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Cloud Computing Brings Big Advantages and Big Issues; LinkTek Corporation Helps Clients Make the Migration Safely

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Cloud computing and online offerings such as Software as a Service are rapidly becoming major areas for U.S. and global IT investment. IT managers need to make sure data integrity is not compromised along the way. (Clearwater, FL) — According to a recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2017, public IT cloud services will…

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Neat Tip to Speed up Processing using SQL Sever and LinkFixer Advanced

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LinkTek’s newest release of LinkFixer Advanced features a significant improvement that the company says will save its customers countless hours by eliminating the need to map drives when migrating to SharePoint and by using multithreading to speed up the process of protecting file links during the move. (Clearwater, Florida, USA) October 2, 2018 — LinkTek…

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