Studies on Network Security Risks: Most Organizations Should Be Looking Inside, at Their Own Users

Computer Hacker

(CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA) 22 December 2015 — “The average time between an attacker breaching a network and its owner noticing the intrusion is 205 days”, according to a recent article from The study, “Cybersecurity: The Cost of Immaturity”, goes on to say, “the penalties for getting cybersecurity wrong are steep. Nortel, a Canadian telecoms…

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One Ticking Second Until Your Network Crashes

Remember the Y2K panic? That was a bit of a pain to deal with, but in the end, everything was solved and all of the nuclear weapons in the world didn’t go off. Hooray! However, in June 2015 a panic overcame IT departments as thousands of networks crashed in the blink of an eye. Overworked and stressed…

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5 Gifts Every Techie Would Love

Polaroid Instant Printer

For better or for worse, the holiday season is upon us. And for those of you who are still at a loss for what to ask for, (or don’t know what to get your friends) we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the coolest, helpful gadgets for people around the house. Polaroid Zip…

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Study Finds That Many IT Professionals Agree that Data is More Secure on Cloud Servers Than on the Average On-site Network

Locked cloud data

(CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA) — More companies and organizations are finding that moving to the cloud can help secure their data better than an on-site network.¹ The problem many of these companies are facing now, however, is getting there. Recent research from market analyst Quocirca states that security is one of the top concerns that organizations have…

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