Newest Release of Patented Software Provides IT Professionals Real-Time Details About a Critical Aspect of Their Data Migration

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CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — May 6, 2016 — LinkTek Corporation announces the latest release of their LinkFixer Advanced software. Version 3.3 improves on its processing speed while providing a new dashboard that gives real-time information on the process of securing the organization’s file links. LinkTek COO Ed Clark stated, “One of the hidden issues with performing a migration…

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Only You Can Prevent Data Migration Failure

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According to a research project done by consulting firm Master Data Management, 80% of all data migrations fail in some capacity. As people who have done them know, data migrations tend to prove “Murphy’s Law” — that is “anything that can go wrong, will”. Top 3 Dangerous Phases Where Migrations Fail 1. The Planning Phase. The key…

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