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LinkTek Corporation: “Education Gap” between IT and the C-Suite Hampers Organizational Performance in Age of Big Data

To maintain file integrity, especially during data migrations, IT managers need to understand how and why their organization’s data is used. This requires a new level of interdepartmental communication and the use of the right tools, according to LinkTek. (Clearwater, FL) — Big Data can make all the difference for enterprises looking to glean insight into…

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LinkFixer Advanced Dashboard

Structuring Network Drives: Make Sure You do Your Homework!

In structuring network drives, one has to know how deep their folder structure is. Now, if you want to spend hours searching through folders and subfolders, do so by all means. However, if you’re looking for something faster and simpler, just follow the directions below! 1. Open LinkFixer Advanced. By default, LinkFixer Advanced opens to the Dashboard. 2.…

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