LinkFixer Advanced Summary

Phantom Links in Microsoft Office Files

Users have reported to us that LinkFixer Advanced “sees” (and reports) more links than they are able to find in their Microsoft Office files. When you are dealing with file formats at the level necessary to do what we do at LinkTek, and when you do it all day long, you run into all kinds of…

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Computer Coding

LinkFixer Advanced 3.1 Now Provides More Flexibility for Users to Protect Their Data, No Matter How They Choose to Migrate

LinkTek’s newest release of LinkFixer Advanced features a significant improvement that the company says will save its customers countless hours by eliminating the need to map drives when migrating to SharePoint and by using multithreading to speed up the process of protecting file links during the move. (Clearwater, Florida, USA) October 2, 2018 — LinkTek…

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Five Windows 10 Features That Should Have Been Added Ages Ago

This summer, a mysterious little white Windows icon appeared in the right-hand corner of PC screens everywhere. Microsoft had announced their brand new OS. Unprecedented by a software company, Microsoft followed this announcement by giving Windows 10 out for free — and it became the OS downloaded around the world. 14 million people have already…

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