New Product Lets Word Users Move or Rename Linked Files Without Creating Broken Links.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Microsoft Word users who take advantage of its ability to link to external files face a special problem: what to do when they want to move or rename linked files. As soon as they move or rename linked files (or the folder they reside in), they create broken links.

If moving or renaming a file or folders causes only a few broken links, the problem is not severe. The user can manually open each Word file and manually edit the name of the file stored in each link. What if moving or renaming files or folders would causedozens or hundreds of broken links?

This is the problem that LinkTek Corporation’s new patent-pending product, LinkFixerPlus for Microsoft Word, solves. Using LinkFixerPlus for Microsoft Word a Word user can easily move or rename hundreds of Word documents and the files linked to them, in batch and have all of the links maintained totally automatically!

LinkFixerPlus for Microsoft Word gives Word users the ability to:

  • Rename or move linked files, in batch, using sophisticated rename rules,without causing broken links in the Word files that point to them.
  • Safeguard healthy links in Word files, allowing them to be automatically fixed when they become broken.
  • Fix broken links in safeguarded Word files totally automatically.
  • Generate a report listing all Word files containing broken links, so they can be fixed before causing problems.
  • Generate a regular report listing each Word file followed by a list of the files it links to.
  • Generate a cross-reference report listing each linked file followed by a list of all the Word files that point to it.
  • Report whether a file is being pointed to by any Word file anywhere on a user’s system, thereby letting the user know whether the file is safe to delete.
  • Perform sophisticated global search and replace operations on filenames embedded in links in hundreds of Word files with a single command.

The HTML version of LinkFixerPlus was first introduced at the Fall 2002 Internet World convention in New York City, where it won Best of Show in the design category. Since that time, LinkFixerPlus has been mentioned on CNNfn, CNET Radio, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Word users can learn more about LinkFixerPlus by calling 727-442-1822 extension 8442 in the United States or by e-mailing An introductory discount is available by calling the phone number above. LinkFixerPlus for Microsoft Word is compatible with most versions of Windows.

About LinkTek

LinkTek’s patented product, LinkFixer Advanced, automatically finds and fixes broken links in an organization’s most critical file types so that migrations and file system reorganizations can be completed quickly, accurately and without causing lost data or lost productivity due to broken file links.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, LinkTek Corporation provides the world’s leading solution for the management and automatic repair of file links found in today’s most common file formats. LinkTek’s purpose is to improve the lives of computer users, IT professionals, Records & Information Managers and CIOs by providing software that automatically repairs file links and also protects them from the effects of data migrations and user errors. For more information, visit

For immediate release

For more information about LinkFixer Advanced, please visit LinkTek’s wesite at or call LinkTek at 727-442-1822.

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