Save Time (and Your Sanity) With a Tool To Fix Broken Office Links Automatically!

If links in Microsoft® Office files aren’t working properly, your end users are going to experience frustration and missing data. Then they will make plenty of calls to the IT department (not happy ones). Don’t you have enough support calls as it is?

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LinkTek created a special tool to fix broken file links incredibly fast and automatically. LinkFixer Advanced helps you deal with file links by preventing broken links, fixing links that are already broken, or moving files and folders without breaking links in the first place! Give our team a call at 727-442-1822 to help you determine your best links strategy.

LinkFixer Advanced Offers You a Link Fix Tool to Prevent And Correct Broken Word Links

Additional file types are supported as well, including Excel®, Access®, Visio®, PowerPoint®, Adobe InDesign® and Premiere®, Microstation®, AutoCAD®, HTML, and OpenText.

This is your one-stop link fix tool for preparing your links and using an automated process to verify and fix broken Office links during a migration or process change!

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No Local Office Installation Needed

Not having a local installation of Office is no problem at all for LinkFixer Advanced.

LinkFixer Advanced uses direct binary file access in our Office broken link checker and our tools for managing file server migration and Office links. So, you don’t need a local copy of any Microsoft Office applications. Binary file access also provides a significantly faster method to fix broken Office links and speeds up our link migration tools for Office programs and files.

All the Support You Need

LinkFixer Advanced keeps your Office file links up-to-date so you don’t have to worry. There’s a lot of concern with the things that can go wrong during a migration.

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Common Problems LinkFixer Advanced Can Resolve

Some of the issues our customers have seen in Microsoft Office due to migrations, folder renaming, restructuring or more include:

Messed-up or missing charts, graphs and tables due to broken data links.

Graphics and photos that fail to load because the links point to the wrong location.

Missing text and graphical information.

Non-operational hyperlinks to Internet and Intranet pages.

Missing data sources that generate incorrect formula calculations.

Save Yourself a Ton of Time

We prevent data loss in Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office programs. LinkFixer Advanced can serve as a batch link migration tool and Office broken link checker — all in one.

Never lose mission-critical data and never again spend hundreds of hours updating documents and relationships. With a link fix tool like LinkFixer Advanced, you can prevent any broken links during data migration of Office files, and more! To see how LinkFixer Advanced can make your life simpler, click here for video demonstrations.

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Save time and money

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