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A Data Migration Tool & A Lesson in Legs

6 June 2023

If you’re facing a data migration and your data contains linked files that you’d really appreciate remaining intact after said migration, you’ve landed in the right place. Trust us, we know how frustrating it is when links break. The end-users start blowing up your phone or email with complaints about missing data, productivity all but grinds to a halt, and the boss stalks around with a face that could curdle milk.

Whether your data migration is due to an upgrade to a new system, consolidating systems, or moving data to a cloud-based system, data migration is a critical process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that data is moved accurately and efficiently.

With complaints about missing data, productivity all but grinds to a halt and the boss stalks around with a face that could curdle milk.

One of the biggest challenges of data migration is the inevitability of links between files breaking during the migration process. Broken links can lead to missing data, downtime, possible revenue loss, and overall disruption to an organization that is as expensive as it is embarrassing. This is where a data migration tool like LinkFixer Advancedcomes into play. It helps to eliminate all of the above. You may even have unknowingly witnessed an example of this kind of synchrony in childhood. Join us for a brief trip down memory lane.

The Dance of the Millipede

If you ever lay on your belly as a kid and watched, fascinated, as a millipede traversed the terrain in your yard, maybe you marveled at the fact that it never tripped over its own feet. Somehow, his or her hundreds of legs moved in perfect harmony, each step in perfect synchrony with the hundreds of other feet doing the same.

Seychelles Giant Millipede, La Digue

Flawless functionality every step of the way!

The dance of the millipede was spellbinding. It could crisscross the yard, negotiating around plants and stones, without stumbling over roots, twigs, dried leaves or your temporarily abandoned toys.

Can you think of another creature with that many legs and such an efficiently sleek style? (The truth is we know plenty of two-legged creatures who lack that kind of coordination — even when sober).

For now, we’re going to dive into a more migration-related landscape, but there’s a good reason we’re going to circle back to the millipede in a minute.

Why You Need This Data Migration Tool

As you know, a data migration tool is a software application that automates one or more aspects of the process of safely moving data from one system to another. (Usually, several different tools are utilized in a large-scale migration.) In other words, it makes your life a whole lot easier. Who wouldn’t want a tool that could help you get through that migration with a reduced risk of data loss? Who wouldn’t want to ensure that their linked data remains completely intact and available to the users after a migration?

When it comes to a data migration, system reorg, or even just the data that end-users randomly move and rename, you need the links in your files and folders to remain intact. You want that millipede-like coordination of all the moving parts being exactly where they’re supposed to be, and functioning as they were intended. No faltering, no falling flat on your face.

Don’t let the links break in the first place. Simple, right? If you just snorted coffee through your nose, we apologize, but it’s true.

There’s a trick to achieving this, and it’s actually surprisingly simple. You’re undoubtedly already familiar with the typical necessity of being forced to find and fix broken links — perhaps aided by a search and replace script — after the migration process. And you know how looong it takes. It chews up hours and personnel and nobody enjoys it.

Want to know the trick to avoid that time-consuming scenario like the plague? It’s easy. Don’t let the links break in the first place. Simple, right? If you just snorted coffee through your nose, we apologize, but it’s true. And it’s possible with LinkFixer Advanced.

A Lesson in Coordination

If you want your linked data to glide through a data migration with the same sleek style as the millipede, never stumbling or falling, always perfectly coordinated, LinkFixer Advanced is the migration tool that will help deliver amazing data quality for your data migration project.

As mentioned above, LinkFixer Advanced is a data migration tool that safeguards against data loss as a result of link breakage during the migration process. It is the first software capable of doing this.

LinkFixer Advanced works by protecting the links between files to ensure that links are preserved during the migration process. This translates to zero missing data due to broken links. And that means fewer end-user complaints for you, which results in a quieter IT department and happier bosses.

If you want your linked data to glide through a migration, LinkFixer Advanced is the migration tool that will deliver.

Alternatively, if a migration was completed without link protection, LinkFixer Advanced can handle the links that broke during migration, instantly restoring lost or missing data. The impact on downtime, potential revenue loss, and general disruption to the organization can be significant.

LinkFixer Advanced Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using LinkFixer Advanced when doing a data migration.

  • Reduced downtime.
  • No missing data due to broken links.
  • Happier end-users.
  • Time saved.
  • Smoother migration.

In other words, data migration becomes a more peaceful, less stressful experience. Helping your organization to save time and resources by eliminating the need to manually find and fix broken links after a migration could also put you in line for a raise or in the boss’s good books. (Or both!) Just remind him or her that reducing disruption is critical for business continuity.

Couple or roommates relaxing at home

You’ve got better things to do than worry about the state of your links ...

The LinkFixer Advanced Dance

We can’t honestly say that we’ve ever seen a millipede do the waltz, but when it comes to the “one, two, three” — and who doesn’t silently count to three when negotiating the intricacies of the waltz? — LinkFixer Advanced executes the dance just beautifully. You’ll see. Count with us …

Option One is to use LinkFixer Advanced ahead of your migration process — regardless of your choice of migration software — to keep you out of trouble. Protecting the links in your data is far more efficient than fixing them after the fact, simply because there’s never any missing data or a moment’s link-related disruption to your organization. LinkTek is the first (and only) company to create software capable of doing this.

Option two is to use the Move/Rename function of LinkFixer Advanced to do just that — move and rename your files — with automatic link protection. What else is there to say?

Option three could easily be called “disaster recovery mode”. If you’ve completed a migration or system reorg (or your end-users have been up to their usual mischief of moving files and folders around with no consideration for the links contained therein), and you now have missing data and all its associated — and disruptive — side effects, now is the time to bring in the big guns. LinkFixer Advanced can locate and repair broken links faster than just about anything you can imagine, instantly restoring your missing data.

In conclusion, data migration is a critical process for any organization, and it requires careful planning and execution to ensure that data is moved accurately and efficiently. Data migration tools such as LinkFixer Advanced can help organizations to migrate their data with minimal disruption and risk of data loss due to the disaster of broken links. If you're planning a data migration, using a data migration tool like LinkFixer Advanced can help ensure a smooth and successful migration.

May We Have This Dance?

If you’d like your migrations to be smoother or your end-users to be able to get up to their usual shenanigans with zero risk of data loss, LinkFixer Advanced should be your next dance partner. For more information or to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Service Consultant, call 727-442-1822. Ask them about the free trial version (no credit card required).

We’ll see you on the dance floor — mercifully with only two legs to control — as we one, two, three, one, two, three …

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