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What’s Better Than a Search & Replace Tool?

2 May 2023

If you’ve got an upcoming data migration and, in anticipation of the usual complaints about missing data afterward, you’re preemptively searching for a tool that can find and fix broken links and restore missing data, you’re probably looking for some kind of search-and-replace tool. Maybe you’re reading this because someone’s mentioned LinkFixer Advanced, or you’ve read something about it somewhere, or you found us online. And now, understandably, you want to know whether LinkFixer Advanced is, in fact, a search-and-replace tool you could use.

It’s a fair question, but to be honest, it’s a little bit like comparing a flawless diamond with an acre of mud on a hog farm. And if you’re thinking that those two aren’t even vaguely comparable, you’re on the right track. That’s our whole point. LinkFixer Advanced can’t really be compared to anything else, because there’s simply nothing like it.

Luckily, with LinkFixer Advanced, you can steer clear of the mud on the hog farm (and we all know it isn’t really “mud”) and you can simply enjoy the sparkling brilliance that this software offers.

Is there really nothing we can compare it to? Well, honestly, no, but that’s to be expected when a product is the first and only one in its category. Prior to LinkFixer Advanced, there wasn’t anything out there that did what LinkFixer has now done billions of times over.

Three pigs in the mud.

Avoid the “mud” a data migration can land you in.

Billions, you ask? Well, yes. It’s estimated that LinkFixer Advanced has processed over 2 billion files and 4 billion links. Know what those kinds of numbers result in? If you guessed unshakeable certainty and incomparable experience, you’re on the money.

Nonetheless, your timing in asking this question is perfect because if you need assistance with an upcoming data migration, you’ve just opened the door to some IT dazzle.

Your timing in asking this question is perfect because if you need assistance with an upcoming data migration, you’ve just opened the door to some IT dazzle.

When is a Search & Replace Tool Not Just a Search and Replace Tool?

When it approaches the issue from a whole different, higher-tech angle such that “search and replace” is never required.

Scrolling through a Microsoft Tech community discussion board, we found an original poster that was having some issues with broken links and requested help. In an unexpected turn of events, another user simply commented, “LinkFixer Advanced can re-link everything for you, fast and automatically.” Thanks for the shout-out, unknown dude. We appreciate it!

There’s a much better solution to the typical “search and replace” situation.

But if we’re going to be perfectly honest with you, there’s a much better solution to the typical “search and replace” situation. If you just thought, “Whaaat?” stick with us here.

Diamond jewelry

If you want your data migration to sparkle, get LinkFixer Advanced.

Just as not crashing your car is a much better option than incurring the time and (major) expense of getting it fixed once it’s wrecked, preventing broken links from causing missing data in the first place is a significantly better scenario than trying to fix the mess after the fact.

We do offer both options, but we’ll explain why prevention is significantly better.

The Advantages of Prevention

There are several distinct advantages to preventing missing data as opposed to trying to clean up the chaos afterward:

  • Prevention is way faster.
  • You never have to deal with missing data due to broken links because there simply isn’t any.
  • Since there’s none of that missing data, guess what?
    • No downtime,
    • no complaining end-users,
    • no grumpy bosses, and
    • no disruption to the organization.

No downtime, no complaining end-users, no grumpy bosses and no disruption to the organization?

Well, that sounds pretty good, you say, but what about the huge variety of file types that I need to migrate? No problem. LinkFixer Advanced supports more than 70 popular file types, all of which can be viewed here by clicking the “Supported File Types” tab.

What Makes LinkFixer Advanced Different?

Apart from the fact that LinkTek has been handling links for over 20 years, we’ve spent tens of thousands of software-engineering man-hours analyzing every type of unique file-format situation you could imagine, ensuring that you can rely on LinkFixer Advanced to get the job done right. Factor in the billions of files and links LinkTek has processed, and you see the level of experience and familiarity that results in being able to work with brain-surgery-like precision when it comes to safely handling the links in your data.

We work with brain-surgery-like precision when it comes to safely handling the links in your data.

LinkFixer Advanced is also the only software that can be used either before a migration to protect your linked data or after a migration to repair your broken links and restore your missing data.

Also, quite apart from LinkFixer Advanced’s obvious value in terms of handling links during a data migration, you can run it regularly — like your backups — to prevent the kind of mishaps that occur when users move or rename files and folders and end up with missing data issues that they ask the IT department to fix. When you have LinkFixer Advanced to maintain your links, you’ll never have to deal with that particular piggy again.

How About a Test Drive?

Chances are that if you’ve gotten this far, you recognize that LinkFixer Advanced offers you everything you’re looking for and more. No other link-fixing software will save you as much time and give you complete peace of mind about the state of your linked data after your migration. Call 727-442-1822 to discuss your particular situation with a knowledgeable Service Consultant and get any questions answered. Don’t forget to ask them about the third way LinkFixer Advanced could help you.

Alternatively, visit for more information or to request a free no-credit-card-required trial.

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Take care of your linked data to avoid the chaos of broken links and the missing data they cause.

So, to answer your original question: Is LinkFixer Advanced a search and replace tool? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because it fulfills that particular function faster and with greater safety than anything you can imagine. But also no, because it’s not limited to only repairing your already-broken links. In a league of its own, LinkFixer Advanced can prevent the problem from ever occurring in the first place. If you’re looking for assistance that’s above and beyond “run-of-the-mill” software, you’re looking for LinkFixer Advanced.

Want your next data migration to sparkle instead of being a stinky mess? Get LinkFixer Advanced.

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