Work on the Go: Utilizing Google Drive

Get ready for a simple tool that can streamline the way you work. If you haven’t used it, Google Drive is really a perfect addition to your personal or professional tool belt. The following features are some of my favorites:

1. Sure “Sharing is Caring” (But Sometimes It’s a Pain in the “Backside”)

Don’t you absolutely hate the hassle of working around everyone’s schedules to get a project through to completion?  I know do. I have discovered a solution for this. With Google Drive, you are now able to divide up the work without interfering with each other’s personal workflow and rhythm. As an example, you could schedule a meeting via Skype (just in case you were wondering if I work for Google) and then work on a presentation together, at the same time, even though you are all in different cities. You can open a Google doc and share it with your co-workers. Once shared, you can work on it alone at 3:00 am or everyone can work on it at the same time. Each person collaborating on the project gets a different color cursor so you can easily see who is working on what section. You and your co-workers can each work at your own pace and schedule.

2. Edit on the Go

You’re going from one appointment to the next, and you realize that one of your presentations has a typo. The Google Drive app can be downloaded to your smart phone. Once done, you can upload a file of any type (Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and so on) to Drive and then edit it from your phone while you are in the taxi to your meeting.  Additionally, Google’s word processing and spreadsheet applications work without having to change the file type andwithout having to download any other app to process the files. Those changes are available to your co-workers instantly, in any format they choose.

3. Goodbye E-mail Attachments

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of e-mailing documents to others, saving different versions and trying to keep track of which one is current. Using Google Drive, this headache is a thing of the past. Upload the file in question and simply share it with the person. Now your co-worker gets a quick notice letting her know you shared a document, no attachment needed

4. Make It Your Document Box

Google Drive allows you to store any type of file. Unlike many cloud storage websites, Google Drive allows you to edit all of yourmost common file types. Drive has the additional bonus of keeping your files close at hand (via mobile device) while being able to work on them. These files are also available to you offline. If you start a document and then enter the subway (where WIFI goes to die), you can continue working despite the loss of connection. The work you did offline will be uploaded and synced the minute you reach the next hotspot. Finally, the best part about this service — it’s free. These are some my favorite Google Drive tips and tricks. How do you use Google Drive to make your life easier? Let me know! Do you have questions regarding this article? Let us know in the comments below or e-mail us at:

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