User’s Guide — LinkFixer Advanced

Chapter 7 — Installation

Installation Steps

To install LinkFixer Advanced on your computer, navigate to the downloaded “SetupLFA.exe” file and double-click on it to start the installation wizard.

Note: The default installation location for LinkFixer Advanced is “C:\Program Files (x86)\LinkTek\LinkFixer Advanced\”.

The version of the license agreement seen in this picture is for example purposes only. The license agreement version shown in the actual installer may differ.

The installer will present you with your choices for confirmation before installation begins.

If you do not have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed on your computer, the installer will present you with the following screen to install it.

If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed on your computer, the installer will prompt you to install it.

If you see a message that asks you to restart your computer, choose {Restart Later}. You can restart your computer after the LinkFixer Advanced installation is complete.

Activating LinkFixer Advanced

If you purchased a license for LinkFixer Advanced, you will need to activate that license any time you install LinkFixer Advanced on a different computer. LinkFixer Advanced installs initially as a trial version, with trial version limitations. The activation process transforms the trial version to a fully-licensed instance. Below are the steps to activate your LinkFixer Advanced license.

Activate License

Go to  | Activate License. Then press {Activate License} and enter the License ID and password that were provided when you purchased your license.

Activation Method

Select an activation method.

Online Activation

Choose “Online” if your computer is connected to the internet.

Click {Activate}. You should receive a message saying that activation succeeded.

Offline Activation

If your computer is not connected to the internet, use the offline activation method. This method requires that you generate a license “request” file and send that request to the licensing server using a computer that does have internet access.

Click {Save} and select the location to save the “Request.xml” file. Click {Next}.

Convey the “Request.xml” file, along with the web address of the licensing server, to a computer that has internet access. Access the licensing server by pasting the web address into a browser. You can either copy and paste the contents of the “Request.xml” file into the screen, or you can browse to the “Request.xml” file and upload it to the server. Then click {Submit}.

On the “Response” page, click {Download} and download the “response” file to your local computer. This “Response.xml” file must be conveyed to, and installed on, the offline computer to complete the activation process.

Response File

Convey the “Response.xml” file to the offline computer. From the LinkFixer Advanced “Response File” screen, click the “Load…” button and browse to the location of the “Response.xml” file.

After you have loaded the “Response.xml” file, click {Activate}. You will receive a message that says you have successfully activated LinkFixer Advanced.

Warning: Do not cancel or exit from the “Offline Activation” process until you have received, loaded, and activated your license using the “Response.xml” file. The “Request” and “Response” files from one session are not interchangeable with those of a prior or subsequent session. If you close the offline activation screen and start again later, you will need to start the entire “Offline Activation” process again from the beginning. The “Response.xml” file that was generated by the license server from your first “Request.xml” file will not work in a subsequent activation session.