User’s Guide — LinkFixer Advanced

Chapter 2 — We’ll Make (Almost) Any Enhancements You Want!

We Welcome Your Suggestions (Really)

LinkFixer Advanced is a powerful program. Nonetheless, we realize that you, a skilled and creative IT professional, will think of ways in which it can be improved. We invite you to tell us your ideas.

We’d like to make LinkFixer Advanced perform every function you could ever imagine such a product being able to do. We intend to make you such a satisfied LinkFixer Advanced customer that you can’t wait for the next user group meeting, so you can tell your friends and associates how much you like LinkFixer Advanced and how strongly you recommend it.

Your suggestions on how to improve any aspect of LinkFixer Advanced are most welcome. This includes our documentation, our technical support, and the software itself.

If you encounter any difficulties whatsoever, please send a detailed email to Please include as much information about your computing environment, the problem that you are experiencing, and exactly what you did when the problem occurred. Also, be sure to include any appropriate screenshots, process report files, and log files.