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Published 21 December 2021

Silent Night: The Best-Case Scenario for Your Data Migration


In the pool of soft light cast by your bedside lamp, you take off your watch, set the alarm on your phone, plug it into the charger, fluff up your pillow and climb into bed. You’re exhausted. You can almost feel your body sinking into the mattress until the line between where your body ends, and the bed begins, starts to blur. What a day. What a week. Actually, it’s been several crazy weeks. If you’re going to be perfectly honest, the last couple of months have been rough. You’ve even got a few new gray hairs to prove it. But it’s done. The most comprehensive data migration you’ve ever worked on. You glance at your watch and think about the skeleton crew at the office, tying up loose ends and monitoring the final few hours of the migration.

God willing, you’ve done everything right and you’ll sleep peacefully through the night. No apologetic 2 a.m. call, with a stressed voice on the other end requesting assistance. No crawling out of bed, like a zombie, and heading to the office in the frozen dark, with the icy air, cruelly ignoring your scarf and coat, slithering down your neck. You turn out the light and snuggle down. It’s snowing softly in the darkness beyond your cozy home and your last conscious plea to the universe, before you go deeply unconscious for the next several hours, is for a blissfully silent night.

What constitutes a migration nightmare for you?

Migration Nightmares

What constitutes a migration nightmare for you? Maybe the lighting is a little weird or there’s an ominous soundtrack in your nightmares. Maybe you wake up sweating or angry. The way we hear it, there are so many things that can go wrong. Missing data is a big one. In fact, it’s probably the one we hear most often. How about complaining end-users bugging the heck out of you while you’re trying to fix what got them crabby in the first place? Downtime. Loss of revenue. Bosses giving you the stink-eye. Maybe you’ve got zombies breaking in and the IT team are the only “food” in the building. Maybe you’ve got deadly vipers oozing out of the keyboards, so that nobody can get anywhere near them to shut it all down. Or “Two-Trick Trevor,” as he’s affectionately known in the IT department, has a “Magic Mike” moment and, as the saying goes, “What has been seen, cannot be unseen.” (Just so that you’re not in the dark, aside from thinking he’s the greatest dancer that ever lived, Trevor’s other trick is jamming his entire fist into his mouth.) It’s a nightmare. In fact, it’s all a pile of doo-doo you don’t want to have to deal with.


Working late in the cold and dark? Use better data migration tools to get you home earlier.

One of the most common issues is the missing data that occurs when file links get broken during the migration. Compared to zombies, vipers and Two-Trick Trevor, it sounds relatively innocuous. But just you wait until you’ve got hundreds of open service tickets and users are showing up, face-to-face, wanting to know what you’ve “done” to them. And your boss feels like an unshakeable shadow that follows you everywhere. Whenever you glance at him, he’s leaning in a doorway, blocking your only route out, with a mean, sardonic grin on his face and an evil glint in his eyes.

The alternative to the migration nightmare? It’s the migration dream, of course. Please, mind your step and climb aboard.

Migration Dreams

There are fluffy clouds everywhere and the fragrance of fresh pine apparently blows through the ducting in dreamland during the winter. Everyone is all smiles, and nothing ever goes wrong. There are drinks on tap: amber-colored liquid truth in the form of a fine whiskey, or a bottomless mug of frothy espresso. Whatever you need magically appears as soon as you think of it, so, by all that is holy, don’t be thinking of Two-Trick Trevor right now. A migration in this setting is as smooth as glass. It’s so slick, you could practically skate on it.

The secret to migration dreamland? Well, the not-so-secret truth is that there isn’t simply one secret to attain migration dreamland, as any experienced migration professional will tell you. Any migration may be beset with a multitude of obstacles, and the seasoned professional will find smart solutions on the fly. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that lost data is one of the usual culprits, and one of the most common causes of data that goes missing is the file links that get broken during the migration process. So, at least one of the secrets to migration dreamland is avoiding those blasted broken links. “Easier said than done,” you say? No, no, here comes one of the leggy dreamland hostesses to admonish you with a perfectly manicured finger. “It is just as easily done as said,” she breathily informs you, with her laughing eyes and her seductive French accent. Oh, boy, you might be in trouble here.

Don’t you love complaining end-users bugging the heck out of you while you’re trying to fix what got them crabby in the first place?

The thing is, Zsa Zsa is right. It is just as easily done as said — if you have LinkFixer Advanced, that is. The difference between the nightmare and dreamland versions of a migration could literally be as simple as that. If you can tear your eyes away from Zsa Zsa’s retreating derriere for just a minute, we can get right down to it. Come on, focus.

Migration Advantages


A data migration can be crazily stressful or much more relaxed. What’s your preference?

Look, nobody’s going to force you to do anything, but who would choose the nightmare version of a migration over dreamland? Not you? Excellent choice. So, what is LinkFixer Advanced and what can it do for you?

In a nutshell, LinkFixer Advanced is the world’s first patented link-fixing software, which can be deployed in three different ways, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Apart from the sheer brilliance of how it works, there’s also its impressive speed. How fast is fast? Well, in the time it would take most IT professionals to find and fix a single broken file link, LinkFixer Advanced can find and fix about 6,000 of them. That’s a dream come true, by any standard, and guaranteed to establish you as the resident hero.

LinkFixer Advanced is the powerhouse that could be the key to your dreamland version of a migration (although we can’t guarantee that Zsa Zsa will put in an appearance.). Deployed prior to your migration, you’ll never have to worry about missing data due to broken links. Forget that stressed-out 2 a.m. call or the cold night air slithering down your spine.

If your migration is already complete, LinkFixer Advanced can rapidly repair any broken links you may have, whether they number in the hundreds, thousands or even millions, immediately restoring that lost or missing data. And it does it fast. It can literally do it while you sleep, warm and snug.

For further information, visit or speak to a friendly Service Consultant at 727-442-1822 for more details on the third way it can be utilized. LinkFixer Advanced: The universe has responded to your plea, and a silent night is yours.

A migration in this setting is as smooth as glass. It’s so slick, you could practically skate on it.

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