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LinkFixer Advanced:
A Tool that Minimizes Downtime & Data Loss During SharePoint Migrations

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SharePoint Migration = Accident Waiting to Happen

Result = Downtime, Incessantly Complaining Users, Unhappy Execs and No Soup for You!

Problem = Lost Data Due to Broken Links During a Migration to SharePoint

Solution = LinkFixer Advanced, Your "Get Out of Jail Free" Card

Better Result = You Are the IT Hero and Your Boss Puts You Up for a Large Raise

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Experience Easier SharePoint Migration with LinkFixer Advanced

The SharePoint® migration tool, LinkFixer Advanced, provides a comprehensive solution for migrating your file share, SharePoint site, and Microsoft® SharePoint content without the anticipated data loss due to broken links. LinkFixer Advanced has been specifically designed to handle your link-related migration problems.

SharePoint cloud migration
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Easier Migration to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server

Whether you’re moving to SharePoint Online or upgrading to a newer version of SharePoint Server, LinkFixer Advanced is the perfect SharePoint migration tool to help ensure a hassle-free experience. Why? Because you can rapidly migrate your file shares, SharePoint sites, Microsoft SharePoint content, and Microsoft Teams data without worrying about broken links.

Preserve Links During SharePoint Migration

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One of the key challenges in any SharePoint migration is maintaining the integrity of your data. Broken links can cause a host of issues, from reduced productivity to loss of valuable information. With LinkFixer Advanced, you can rest assured that your links will remain intact throughout the SharePoint migration process.

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LinkFixer Advanced:
A Much-Needed SharePoint Migration Tool

As a SharePoint migration tool, LinkFixer Advanced offers numerous features to make your migration process significantly smoother.

Identifying the Problem is Half the Battle

  1. Automatically Identify and Fix Broken Links: LinkFixer Advanced detects and fixes broken links in your file share, SharePoint site, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams data during the SharePoint migration process, ensuring that your content remains accessible and functional.
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Integrity is Everything

  1. Maintain Data Integrity: Preserve the integrity of your file shares and SharePoint sites during the SharePoint migration process with LinkFixer Advanced, ensuring that your linked data remains intact and easy to navigate.
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Move It But Don’t Lose It

  1. Migrate Files and Folders: Our SharePoint migration tool can efficiently move files and folders between different storage locations, whether you’re migrating to SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server, or another Microsoft SharePoint platform.
Protecting Data Integrity

When You’re Good and Ready

  1. Schedule Your SharePoint Migration: With our SharePoint migration tool, you can schedule the migration process to occur at the most convenient time for you, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

You’re Not Alone

  1. Unmatched Customer Support: Our team of LinkFixer Advanced experts is available to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that LinkFixer Advanced contributes to a successful SharePoint migration experience for you.

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LinkFixer Advanced: Trusted by Industry Leaders for SharePoint Migration

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With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, LinkFixer Advanced has become a popular SharePoint migration tool for businesses of all sizes who either need to protect their good links or repair broken ones.

Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner in the SharePoint migration space.

Join the ranks of successful SharePoint migrations by choosing LinkFixer Advanced as your go-to SharePoint migration tool. Experience the benefits of seamless SharePoint migration, improved productivity, and reduced downtime and organizational disruption.

Get Started with LinkFixer Advanced

Ready to embark on your SharePoint migration journey? LinkFixer Advanced is here to help. Contact our team today for more information on how our SharePoint migration tool can streamline your migration process and play an important role in helping to ensure a smooth transition to SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server or another Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Call Us, Email Us, Chat With Us

Our experts are standing by to answer your questions, provide a personalized demonstration of our SharePoint migration tool, and guide you through its application during your migration process.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, LinkFixer Advanced is the ideal SharePoint migration tool to help you navigate the complexities of SharePoint migration without data loss due to broken links. With our robust features, seamless integration with the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool, and unparalleled customer support, you can trust LinkFixer Advanced to help make your SharePoint migration a success.

Protection Is the Name of the Game

Don’t let broken links derail your SharePoint migration efforts. Invest in the only SharePoint migration tool on the market that protects your links prior to migration and experience the difference that LinkFixer Advanced can make for your organization.

Migrate to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server with confidence, knowing that your linked data is safe and intact, and your file shares, SharePoint sites, and Microsoft Teams data are easily accessible.

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Explore the Benefits of LinkFixer Advanced for SharePoint Migration

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Experience the many benefits of choosing LinkFixer Advanced to help smooth out your next SharePoint migration:

  • Save time and resources by protecting links prior to starting your SharePoint migration process.
  • Protect your organization’s valuable data by ensuring link integrity.
  • Minimize business disruption by protecting links to ensure data availability after your SharePoint migration.
  • Enjoy exceptional customer support from our team of LinkFixer Advanced

LinkFixer Advanced: Your Partner in Successful SharePoint Migrations

Make your SharePoint migration less stressful with LinkFixer Advanced. As a handy SharePoint migration tool, LinkFixer Advanced is designed to address the challenges associated with migrating linked data.

Don’t Settle for Less

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to protecting links during your SharePoint migration. Choose LinkFixer Advanced and discover how our innovative features, seamless integration, and dedicated customer support can make your migration process a whole lot smoother.

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In summary: LinkFixer Advanced can be used before your migration to protect your links or after your migration to repair broken links. It can also be used to move and rename files and folders. Start your SharePoint migration journey with confidence, knowing that LinkFixer Advanced is by your side, taking care of your linked data. Experience the difference that a powerful, reliable, and user-friendly tool can make for your organization —choose LinkFixer Advanced.

The Unique Choice

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how LinkFixer Advanced can help you successfully migrate your file shares, SharePoint sites, SharePoint content, and Microsoft Teams data to SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server.

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