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Published 14 September 2022

Missing Data in the Heartland

What ever happened to Jack & Diane?


“Greg says I have to find the missing data,” Diane texted a message to Jack, the IT guy. “He’s really mad at me. I don’t know what to do.” She always felt awkward referring to her father by his first name, but he’d insisted it was more professional.

“No sweat,” Jack texted back. “ALR.”

Diane was stumped. “A little respect?”

“Lol, no,” Jack explained. “ALR = automatic link repair, to recover the missing data.”

“Oh! I thought ALR was text code for a little respect,” Diane texted back.

“Well, a little respect never hurt anyone,” Jack replied. “And that missing data should be restored within an hour or two.”

She neatly moved all the files to locations that made sense to her.

As relief swept through Diane that she hadn’t inadvertently caused irreversible damage to her father’s Midwest architecture firm, she reminded herself to never meddle with daddy’s “computer stuff” ever again. He had almost exploded at her this morning.

A while later, Jack poked his head into Greg’s office. “You should be good to go, sir,” he said. “I fixed the broken links and restored all the missing data.”


Restoring the boss’s missing data could alter the course of your future.

“Man, I can’t thank you enough,” Greg said. “We were down to the wire on the deadline on a big contract, and when I came in this morning, I couldn’t access any of the spreadsheets and docs that need to get attached. Critical stuff, you know? What the hell happened?”

“It was an honest mistake, sir,” Jack said. “Diane thought it would be a good idea to tidy up the system a bit, so she created a whole new set of folders and neatly moved all the files to locations that made sense to her. She didn’t realize that the files she was moving were shared files on the company network. Obviously, she didn’t know that moving the files would cause the links pointing to those files to break, which is why you couldn’t find the attachments you needed. Anyway, I’ve got it sorted out for you now.”

Greg turned to his monitor, clicked his mouse a few times, and glanced up at Jack. “You certainly, have, young man. You’re a lifesaver,” Greg said, appreciatively. “I’ll ask Diane not to ‘help’ with anything on the computers, going forward. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. My wife will kill me if I try to let her go. We’ve just got to find somewhere for her where she can’t do too much damage.” He gazed off into the distance, pensively.

“She’s good at organizing things, sir,” Jack offered. “You should see the office supplies cupboards, the mail room, and what she’s done in the staff kitchen.”

“Really? You think she has the makings of an office manager?’

“With a little training, I don’t doubt it, sir.”

As Jack walked away, Greg’s gaze followed him. He’d been unsure about hiring such a young IT guy, but the kid had all the right qualifications and necessary experience. And he’d certainly pulled off some kind of miracle this morning. Greg idly wondered if Jack was as single as Diane was . . .

She didn’t know that moving the files would cause the links pointing to those files to break.

The Lifesaver’s Secret

Diane looked up nervously from her desk as Jack headed back to his department. “Everything okay with my dad?”

“Everything’s just perfect,” he told her with a broad smile. “Absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“You’re my hero,” Diane said. “I owe you lunch.”

“And I’m going to take you up on that,” Jack was grinning inside as he whistled his way to his desk.

Back in his office, Jack seriously contemplated his future. He imagined getting married to Diane and becoming part of the family. He thought of the success, the job security, and, of course, the gorgeous Diane, with her fiery hair and bewitching green eyes.

He glanced at his computer screen and closed LinkFixer Advanced.

Putting the Secret to Work


Some software really is life-changing. Ask Jack.

Jack’s good fortune was discovering LinkFixer Advanced, which automatically finds and fixes broken links. Using their free trial version, he’d been able to repair the limited damage Diane had unintentionally done. Now, having seen how impressed her father was with the outcome, he was determined to get the full version to protect every single file in the company from ever suffering a similar fate. When he’d checked their website,, he’d been relieved to discover that they supported all the file types that the firm used.

While LinkFixer Advanced can be used after a migration to automatically locate and repair any broken file links (as Jack did), using it before a migration prevents any data loss due to broken file links from occurring in the first place, making it the more efficient way to go. Never worry about breaking links or the resultant missing data ever again.

To find out more, visit or call 727-442-1822 to speak to a Service Consultant about a free demo or a no-credit-card-required free trial. Also, ask them to tell you about the third way LinkFixer Advanced can help you.

We’re hoping for a happy outcome for Jack and Diane: just two American kids doing the best they can . . .

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