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December 15, 2020

Migration Frustration: Is Missing Data Ruining Your Personal Time?

Migration Frustration

You’d like to make it to date night on Friday or be home for your kid’s birthday this weekend instead of being stuck at the office. But instead you may be either alone or with a couple of other IT desperadoes — all tearing your hair out with migration frustration. Does this sound familiar?

One of the frustrations encountered after a migration is lost or missing data. And one of the most common causes of missing data is broken file links. If you’ve recently completed a migration, you may be faced with this problem.

If you’re planning a migration, you may be looking for solutions to avoid missing data from happening in the first place.

Link let-down is rife in our industry, the bane of IT professionals the world over, but something that is surprisingly easy to deal with once you’re armed with the right tool for the job. Welcome to the armory.

What if you could move and rename all your files and folders without having a bunch of broken links when you are done?

The Remote Struggle (Not the one for the TV)

Perhaps now, more than at any other time in our working history, companies are shifting to more remote roles, and this invariably requires either an actual migration or at least some form of IT restructuring.

Digital Nomad - remote employment

The increasing popularity of remote employment means amplified demand for data access — anytime, anywhere — so that staff can continue to work and collaborate.

Businesses looking to proactively shift some or all their staff towards a remote working arrangement need to provide their employees with the right tools and the correct remote infrastructure to support their untethered work activities.

Additionally, businesses looking to implement a remote working strategy or option for employees need to consider the strategic implications carefully.

For example, while remote working may allow a company to reduce the size of their physical space, they must plan for increased outlays on IT infrastructure, such as migrations to the Cloud which enable employees to work and collaborate effectively from home.

Migrations, naturally, bring their own woes, and one of the biggest sources of frustration is broken link syndrome.

Whether you’re currently in pre- or post-migration, or even looking for an actual migration tool, LinkFixer Advanced should be part of the arsenal you’ve been looking for.

If you think it sounds too simple, let’s break it down so that you can see precisely how useful and versatile this tool is.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get LinkFixer Advanced

Let’s talk pre-migration first. If you haven’t started migrating files and folders yet, this is the best time to let LinkFixer Advanced serve you. You can use the LinkFixer Advanced “Inoculate” feature which will prepare and protect all the links in all the files and folders you select, even if there are millions of them.

Then conduct your migration using whatever software and tools you like. You don’t even have to think about your file links. Why?

Because the “Inoculate” feature has set them up so LinkFixer Advanced can auto-re-link them.

After your migration is completed, simply run the “Cure” feature which will automatically resolve all the links so they all point exactly where they should again. And it does this for you in a single batch run.

… broken links everywhere, like litter on the beach after a particularly raucous Spring break?

Another option, if you haven’t migrated yet, would be to use the “Move and Rename” feature to physically move files and folders themselves. If you already have certain tools you need to use for your migration, see above. But, if not, you could use LinkFixer Advanced as your migrator.

Let’s take a step back to review something. When you’re migrating from one server to another, from a local server into the Cloud, or even if you’re simply restructuring your current file system or doing an upgrade, either way, file links will break. They can’t help themselves. It’s the nature of the beast.

Before the advent of LinkFixer Advanced, broken links could result in hundreds or even thousands of man-hours of extra post-migration work, not to mention everyone’s personal favorite, the complaining end-users.

Protecting links

Ideally, prepare and protect file links prior to data migration.

What if you could move and rename all your files and folders without having a bunch of broken links when you are done? What if you could save all those man-hours and head off complaining end-users at the pass? If that sounds like migration heaven to you, then you may as well know that with the “Move and Rename” feature of LinkFixer Advanced — and also with the abovementioned “Inoculate & Cure” feature — that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re welcome.

Lastly, there’s the question of what if the migration is already complete and you’ve got broken links everywhere, like litter on the beach after a particularly raucous Spring break? It’s not too late. If this is your situation, LinkFixer Advanced has a feature for that too. Think of LinkFixer Advanced as your disaster recovery tool/beach clean-up crew.

The “Modify Links” feature can rapidly fix thousands of links at a time, so that each link points to the file it’s supposed to, thereby restoring your missing data. (Think of that silver-sand beach as perfectly cleaned and groomed, and yours the only footprints on it…)

In a Perfect World…

Understandably, in an ideal world, you’d use LinkFixer Advanced before your migration, making life a whole lot easier, but even if you didn’t, the “Modify Links” feature can still bail you out of hot water, saving you hundreds or thousands of man-hours, virtually at the click of a button.

So, if you want to stay out of the doghouse for not showing up on date night, if you want to see the joy on your kid’s face at the unwrapping of gifts or the lit candles on the birthday cake, call LinkTek today at 727-442-1822 to schedule a live demonstration/complimentary trial of LinkFixer Advanced or visit us at

What if you could save all those man-hours and head off complaining end-users at the pass?

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