The Trick to Avoiding Data Loss When Migrating to SharePoint or OpenText

Wanna know the best way to royally blow a data migration to SharePoint or OpenText?

We can help. Of course, we’d rather help you not do that. In case you were wondering, a great way to give yourself a heap load of troubles is to not protect your files and links before the migration. Another is to not put the right processes in place to repair any damage after the move.

Luckily, LinkFixer Advanced makes it easier than ever before to prevent broken links in SharePoint or OpenText.

LinkFixer Advanced handles all of the most popular file types that might get migrated, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign and many more. For a full list of supported file types, head over to the LinkFixer Advanced page by clicking here.

Unlocking data

Start Your SharePoint or OpenText Migration With LinkFixer Advanced

Set yourself up for a smooth migration with LinkFixer Advanced. You can move or rename files individually and in batches as you move files to your new server — all without losing data due to broken links.

LinkFixer Advanced preserves and protects all links to documents, spreadsheets, images, websites and more when you move your files into SharePoint or OpenText. By applying our patented protection process to SharePoint or OpenText, we’ve put together a leading migration tool that moves and/or renames files and folders while safeguarding their links and keeping them intact during the migration process. There is no data migration application on the planet that automatically does this.

LinkFixer Advanced

Protects your good links and fixes your broken links — automatically!

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Do you already have a data migration application that you need to use?

If you already have an application for conducting your migration, you can still use LinkFixer Advanced to handle your links. LinkFixer Advanced has an alternate function that applies a patented process to create a new “secondary link” between all parent pages and child elements, with a connection that isn’t impacted during moves, renames and migrations. Simply run a process called “Inoculation” prior to the start of your migration. Then you can freely migrate using whatever software you like.

After the migration, run the “Cure” function. LinkFixer Advanced will fix all the links for you — and in a fraction of the time of any other way to fix links. Yeah, we know. That just saved you a whole bunch of worry and time. To get a bit more detail on how LinkFixer Advanced can make your life simpler, click here for a few video demonstrations.

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Fixing Broken SharePoint or OpenText Links After a DIY Migration

Perhaps you didn’t come looking for us until after you’ve had an issue with a SharePoint or OpenText migration.

That migration to SharePoint or OpenText with broken links galore is probably a giant pain in the you-know-what. The good news is that it’s not too late. With the Modify Links tool, you can create a series of custom renaming rules and apply them to your files and links, repairing broken links in a simple process. More importantly, it does the batch replacements really fast compared with any other way to do this under the sun. As you can see, this is more than a broken link checker.

Parent and child pages reunite with ease, and we’ll be there to help you prevent broken SharePoint or OpenText links during that next migration too.


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