Fun Quiz:
What’s Your IT Personality?

Are you the mastermind behind every meticulously planned file migration, server refresh, cybersecurity upgrade and pretty much any other IT project?

Or are you more like the IT ninja, leaping into battle with data glitches or problems that other IT pros shy away from?

Maybe you’re the crafty conductor, guiding and motivating everyone in the IT department to play their part for a harmonious whole.

Or do you pride yourself on your meticulous perfectionism and ability to follow the rulebook?

Maybe you identify as the wise — but weary — warlock, or as the gambler: the maverick who thrives on risk.

Are you ready to discover the true colors of your IT personality?

Navigate your way through eight insightful — and sometimes amusing — questions to discover your place in the grand arena of the IT world.

Don your honesty cap and let’s discover your IT identity!

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When a significant challenge appears on your IT horizon, which of the following comes closest to describing your preferred approach?
Your heart beats for which Cloud service provider?
When performing a data migration or file-system reorganization, your flag represents:
Which of the following statements comes closest to your predominant viewpoint on end-users?
You are crowned king/queen of the IT department. What’s your first order of business?
Which of the following most closely reflects your view on meddling execs who know nothing about IT?
Your thoughts on interns?
If you had to pick just one, what would you say is the most important quality for surviving as an IT professional?
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