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Published 12 January 2022

File Not Found? Uh Oh!


You clicked on a link and were rewarded with the discouraging error message, “File not found.” You know the file is there — somewhere. You’re absolutely, positively certain that it’s there. You saw it with your own two eyes just a week ago. It’s just that, well, right now, it’s apparently gone “poof” and disappeared on you. Aaargh!

We get it. We really do. We get calls about this every day of the week, so we understand your frustration. All you want to know is where the heck did it go? Guess what? We can help you answer that question. And it won’t chew up hours of your time, either. In fact, you’ll probably wish you’d heard of it sooner.

What do you do when a file goes “poof” and disappears on you?

Demystifying Disappeared Data

Would you be willing to invest a few mouse clicks to locate your missing data? Yes? Excellent! All you need is our free utility, Link Reporter. “What is it?” you ask. It’s this simple:


Missing data? Want an ace up your sleeve?

  • Link Reporter is the best link reporting utility in the world.
  • It will report the details and statistics about all of the links that may be found in over 20 popular file types.
  • It will show the exact links contained in the file.
  • It will tell you whether those links are broken or working.
  • It will provide you with the full path to the files pointed to by the links.

How does it work? Fast, that’s how it works. In fact, a whole lot faster than you sitting there, after dark, frustratedly searching for those knucklehead files that went missing.

Use Link Reporter to scan and report on all the links in up to 100 gigs or 100,000 files at a time. You’ve got terabytes of files? No problem. Simply run Link Reporter multiple times! Whether you need it for personal or business purposes, on either test or production files, the only recommendation is that you download and install an updated version of Link Reporter at least once every six months. That’s it, that’s all.

When you go to our site to download Link Reporter, you may notice references to LinkFixer Advanced. That’s our disaster prevention and recovery tool, and if you’re interested in what it can do for you, you can find out more here, or simply call a friendly Service Consultant at 727-442-1822 about a free trial version.

Would you be willing to invest a few mouse clicks to locate your missing data?

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