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Don’t Create a SharePoint Migration Plan Without Using This Free Tool!

18 July 2023

A SharePoint migration can be a daunting task (understatement) for any IT department. With thousands of files, links and URLs involved, even a minor mistake can cost a company a great deal of time and money, not to mention overall disruption to its operations or the impact on your professional reputation. So, a free tool that can help save time and money and reduce disruption is worth looking into, right?

Obviously, the migration process involves moving files and folders from one server or SharePoint environment to another. This first part is unavoidable. However, when files are moved, their associated links often break, which creates significant problems for the organization as broken links can lead to the loss of critical data, downtime, decreased productivity, potential revenue loss, and costly errors. And this part is avoidable. How?


Know any organizations that appreciate their money going up in smoke? We don't either.

Eagle-Eyed Insight

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How about an eagle-eyed assessment that leaves no detail undiscovered?

The Gift of Free

Link Reporter is the equivalent of your linked data getting a full medical exam, which gives you stunning clarity and a better understanding of the content and link structure within your SharePoint environment. This allows you to make informed decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your information management system.

By providing comprehensive reporting on the links within your SharePoint environment, this free tool identifies potential problems for you. This means that broken links can be quickly identified, located, and repaired, which maintains the integrity of your linked data and means that users are able to access the content they need.

The result is a dramatic reduction in critical data loss, downtime, decreased productivity, and potential revenue loss. End-users won’t be blowing up the IT department with complaints, and your boss won’t be giving you the stink eye. That’s a pretty good outcome for a free tool!

Prevention & Cure: An Option

Once you’ve downloaded and put Link Reporter through its paces, should it transpire
that you have zillions of broken links which you’d prefer to have automatically
repaired (rather than manually), you may want to take a look at LinkFixer Advanced.

When life gives you free stuff, take it and run!

This powerful software is best used prior to a migration to protect your linked data. If, however, you’ve already completed a migration and are faced with large quantities of missing data that you want to have restored — rapidly — then consider LinkFixer Advanced your “disaster recovery” tool of choice.

Visit to access your free download of Link Reporter. Alternatively, you can pick the brain of a knowledgeable Service Consultant at 727-442-1822.

With a freebie like Link Reporter, you’ve got nothing to lose, and you know the saying about “free”: When life gives you free stuff, take it and run!

Human adult female right hand bones x-ray image. Medical and anatomy radiography or imagery.

Need a hand? (Yeah, we went there.) Link Reporter is like an x-ray machine for your linked data.