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Published 28 November 2022

Data Migration: The Greenhorn vs. The Pro


Dad has just retired and, it turns out, he’s still full of surprises. Last weekend, he announced that he was taking your mother on the road trip of all road trips. They’re going to visit every state in the continental US, he says, and then, after visiting Alaska, they’re doing the Trans-Canada Highway, west to east. You were still getting over the surprise of that when, this weekend, he shows up in your driveway with a 1956 Chevy Townsman wagon. This is the car they’re going to drive, Dad says. And there’s no talking him out of it, because — surprise number three — he’s dreamed of this car and this trip since the day he married your mom. You had absolutely no idea. Dad never mentioned it. So, you call your friend, Mike, who’s been restoring classic cars since he was 16, and Mike comes over to check out the Townsman. He and dad drool over the wagon in the driveway for a couple of hours.

The next day, at work, you’re telling a colleague about all this, when someone else pipes up that their son has just opened his own restoration shop. And since the kid is fresh out of his automotive program and in need of new customers, maybe he’ll give you a discount. A discount for dad would be nice, you think. But, at the same time, you’ve known Mike for twenty years and you trust him completely. Hmmm, dilemma. Then you remember your grandfather telling you as a kid, as the two of you worked to repair his lawnmower, that Einstein said the best source of knowledge is experience. And when it comes to your parents driving all over creation in a fifty-year-old car, who do you want poking around under the hood? Someone whose years of experience have honed their skills, or some kid, fresh out of trade school?

The best source of knowledge is experience. — Albert Einstein

Thanks to grandpa, you still know how to fix a lawnmower, but today, apart from your parents’ globetrotting dreams, you’re faced with a bigger problem in the not-too-distant future: a massive data migration that comes with its own set of pitfalls. The issues you’re most concerned about are the downtime and missing data that inevitably seem to accompany most migrations, and you’re determined to find a solution before embarking on this project. But do you want the new kid on the block, the greenhorn, handling your links? Or would you prefer the guy with decades of experience, the professional? Who do you trust more when it comes to protecting your data (and your reputation)?

Vital Statistics


You can’t beat a classic. Sounds like LinkFixer Advanced.

Whether you’re looking for software to protect your links prior to migration or to find and fix broken links after a migration, the questions you should be asking are similar.

How long has the software been around? What file types does it support? How reliable is it? What’s the customer support like?

LinkFixer Advanced by LinkTek was the first of its kind, which means we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else. In fact, LinkFixer Advanced opened a whole new category of software that previously didn’t exist. For twenty-five years, we’ve specialized in protecting links, and finding and fixing broken links, so when it comes to opening, handling, and safely making the right changes to billions of Windows files, we are the world’s foremost authority. No one in the world has the same depth and breadth of experience with links in Windows files and their endless, undocumented variations and weird anomalies.

LinkFixer Advanced supports over 70 file types. It’s worth mentioning that one only discovers all the ugly little anomalies hidden in files through cold, hard, long experience, and by investing tens of thousands of software-engineering man-hours analyzing every type of unique file-format situation you can imagine.

In terms of real-life statistics, who else can say that they’ve processed over 4 billion links in over 2 billion files? And when it comes to customer support, you’ll always get a friendly, knowledgeable, willing-to-help person on the other end of the call.

What Does LinkFixer Advanced Do?

Are you doing a server refresh or upgrade, or a file system restructure? Are you migrating to or from SharePoint®, OneDrive®, Box®, Microsoft® 365, or Dropbox®? It literally doesn’t matter, because LinkFixer Advanced has you covered either way.

Data migration typically results in tens of thousands — if not millions — of broken links, and broken links result in missing data. And that leads to downtime, complaining end-users, and bosses that are decidedly unimpressed.

LinkFixer Advanced saves you an incredible amount of time — and saves the organization a ton of money — by protecting your good links and automatically fixing your broken links. And it does it thousands of times faster than even the most experienced IT professional can.

Who else can say that they’ve processed over 4 billion links?

Test Drive?

For more information, visit, or call 727-442-1822 to talk to a friendly Service Consultant about getting a free trial. (No credit card required.) In the words of American comedian Steven Wright, “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” Or you can rely on the experienced crew behind LinkFixer Advanced to help you safely get your data where it needs to go.

By the way, Mom called to say she spent the day buying a tent and camping gear. They’ve decided that during their road trip, they’ll sleep beneath the stars whenever they can . . .

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