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Published 21 November 2022

Data Migration CSU (Crime Scene Unit): Solving the Crime of Dead Links


Are you tiptoeing around the office, dodging the boss, slinking from place to place, hiding behind the water cooler and the fake palm tree, and praying for the gift of invisibility? If you’ve recently completed a data migration and the IT department feels more like a crime scene than a victory party, our condolences. A million things can go wrong during a data migration, but we’re here to help you with one issue that affects almost all migrations: data loss due to broken links. Sometimes, tracking down those broken links can be like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. But armed with the correct technology, you’d be amazed at how fast you can find those suckers and resolve this situation. And you can stop praying for an invisibility cloak and life can get back to normal.

You’ve got missing data, a grumpy boss, and end-users that are up in arms. You need help and you need it fast.

Calling Sherlock Holmes

So, you’ve completed a data migration. Perhaps, it was from an old on-premise server to a newer one. Maybe it was to the Cloud, to SharePoint®, OpenText®, OneDrive®, Microsoft 365®, Dropbox®, AWS®, or Box®. It doesn’t really matter, at this point. All you know is that your boss looks like he’s ready to draw a chalk outline around you in your final resting place on the IT department floor, because there’s missing data, and the end users are up in arms. You need help and you need it fast.


You’ll never again have to spend valuable hours playing detective, searching for broken links.

Enter LinkFixer Advanced. Unlike Sherlock, it won’t stride into the room with an accusatory gaze, spouting perplexing — and barely intelligible — comments that lesser mortals cannot fathom. No, LinkFixer Advanced is user-friendly and backed by superior customer support. But, like Sherlock, it gets the job done.

“Great,” you say. “But what does it do?”

We’re glad you asked. Here’s the deal:

You have files, possibly numbering in the millions. And in those files, there are links — probably hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of them. A file that contains one or more links, we call a parent file. A file that is pointed to by a link, we call a child file. Pretty simple, right? Good. (By the way, no parents or children were harmed in the creation of this software.)

Let’s briefly talk about crime scene reports, because they can help you discover where the bodies are located.

LinkFixer Advanced can run three different reports for you that clearly outline your crime scene.

  • The Broken Link Report lists all the parent files that contain broken links.
  • The Regular Report lists not only all the parent files but also all the child files each parent file links to. This is a comprehensive report of your files.
  • Finally, the Cross Reference Report shows you each child file, followed by a list of all the parent files that point to it. This helps determine whether it’s safe to delete files or not.

Once you’ve identified your trouble area, it’s time to bring in the Crime Scene Unit.

The Ultimate Clean-Up

As a crime scene unit, LinkFixer Advanced really helps you shine. In fact, you’ll never need to go sleuthing for broken links again. Neither you nor anyone on your team will ever again get saddled with the laborious (and hated) task of having to hunt for broken links and manually repair them. LinkFixer Advanced will clean up that crime scene, and successfully close the case, and you won’t end up as a chalk outline on the floor.

It doesn’t even matter why your links are broken. LinkFixer Advanced has a “Modify Links” process that can fix already-broken links faster than any other method on Earth. Seriously, we’re talking hundreds — if not thousands — of times faster than even the most experienced IT professional. (See here for the file types LinkFixer Advanced supports.)

LinkFixer Advanced will clean up that crime scene, and successfully close the case, and you won’t end up as a chalk outline on the floor.

Live Action CSU Demo

If you’d like to see LinkFixer Advanced at work, call 727-442-1822 to talk to a knowledgeable Service Consultant about watching a live demo or getting a free trial — no credit card required. Alternatively, visit for more information about the third way LinkFixer Advanced kicks butt when it comes to protecting your file links.

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