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Unique Software Improves Data Integrity

Published 20 May 2024

Any data consultant or system consultant worth their salt knows the importance of data integrity. Since data loss, corruption or errors can have serious consequences —including financial loss, reputational damage and legal liabilities — ensuring that data remains reliable and usable is a priority.

A modern company’s data can contain thousands or millions of links that conveniently point to documents, diagrams, reports, spreadsheets, images and just about anything you can think of. What is somewhat less convenient is the fact that when this data is relocated or renamed, the links break, rendering the linked
data inaccessible.

Common practice is to locate and repair broken links after the fact, but this consistently proves to be an unnecessary expenditure of costly man-hours that leaves the data unavailable until the required repairs are made.

The more modern, efficient way to deal with this problem is to protect file links before renaming or relocation, ensuring that links remain functional and the associated data is instantly available to users.

Locating and repairing broken links after the fact consistently proves to be an unnecessary expenditure of costly man-hours that leaves the data unavailable until the required repairs are made.

Its effectiveness, coupled with exceptional customer support, makes it a valuable investment for businesses of
all sizes.

“Dear LinkFixer User,

I am writing to share my experience of using LinkFixer, a solution that has significantly contributed to our company’s efficiency and data integrity. As a Director of GoSharePoint, I have had the pleasure of utilizing LinkFixer for eight years and have been thoroughly impressed with its capabilities.

LinkFixer has proven to be an invaluable asset in managing and safeguarding our data, particularly when it comes to updating and restructuring file links. The user-friendly interface and robust features have simplified what could otherwise be a complex and time-consuming process. LinkFixer’s ability to seamlessly update links in various file types, in our experience Microsoft Office® files, HTML, Adobe Acrobat®, and DC files, has been particularly advantageous for our diverse data environment.


What's protecting your linked data?

Working with large projects, LinkFixer has saved us hours of work by identifying exactly which links need to be fixed and those to be disregarded. Our clients have a clear picture of what data migration results will be, and you know where to focus your energy.

The software’s efficiency in handling large-scale data migrations, especially strictly secured data, ensures link accuracy and prevents disruptions. The technical support provided by the LinkFixer team has been responsive and knowledgeable, addressing any inquiries promptly and effectively.

One of the standout features of LinkFixer is its meticulous reporting system, which provides detailed insights into link updates and changes, analyzes your data, and identifies what links need to be changed and processed before the migration process takes place. This has been instrumental in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout our data management processes.

I recommend LinkFixer to any organization seeking a reliable and comprehensive solution for managing file links.

— Michael Pomfret, Director, GoSharePoint

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