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Published 4 June 2021

Learn From The Norse Gods About Data Migration


It’s a fair bet that you have never thought of yourself as having much in common with Thor and his relatives. Data migration can seem like an epic struggle though and you may wish that you had Thor’s hammer to hit something.

The Gods of Asgard understood the need for strong links. They needed to make sure that Fenrir the wolf didn’t get loose and wreak havoc on the world, much in the same way that loss of information might let loose chaos inside your system.

They got Fenrir to agree to being chained up by telling him the chains were a test of his strength. Their real goal was to chain him up permanently, but as all their past attempts had failed, they needed a new approach. After several candidates were put forward with possible solutions, they went to the Dwarves and were presented with Gleipnir, a magical binding. The chains and the links of Gleipnir are deceptively light. So Fenrir asks for a guarantee that he isn’t being tricked. Tyr places his hand in Fenrir’s mouth to show they can be trusted. Tyr knows that they are tricking Fenrir and that he’ll probably lose his hand. In the end, Tyr lost his hand. But the plan (and the Gleipnir) worked: Fenrir was held immobile in the chains. No one is expecting you to sacrifice a hand to contain the problem of data loss.

When you are looking at doing a migration, you want to make sure that you aren’t going to end up with a whole load of information missing.


A carving dating back to the year 850, depicting Fenrir and Odin.

You don’t want a situation where, after moving everything to the cloud, you sit down to quality-check the results (and, hopefully, admire your handiwork) only to discover that a disturbing amount of data is missing from lots of files. Then you also notice a heap of broken links. Coincidence?

. . . avoid a catastrophic loss of data or a time-consuming and costly link recovery project . . .

LinkFixer Advanced allows you to safeguard those links and make sure that you aren’t going to find anything missing when you get to the other end of the migration. Thankfully, you won’t have to give up your hand to achieve this.

Tyr was a god of war and he felt that it was important enough to chain Fenrir that he made that sacrifice. Making sure that you avoid a catastrophic loss of data or a time-consuming and costly link recovery project is a war that you want to win, but it doesn’t have to be so painful.

Alternatively, if you didn’t have LinkFixer Advanced before your migration and so didn’t pre-safeguard your links, then having a solution that fixes those broken links automatically can be a lifesaver. The Gods of Asgard aren’t really rocking too much in terms of a backup plan and when Ragnarok (the end of the world) rolls around, Fenrir will kill Odin. You do not want a disaster on this scale to hit you and you don’t need to let that happen.

LinkTek is not going to be using anything as esoteric as the sound of cat’s footsteps, the breath of a fish, or the roots of a mountain to save the world, just excellent programming that gives you the tools you need to make that migration as smooth as possible. If you want to find out more about how LinkFixer Advanced can help before you start the migration, and after it has been done, contact us today. Find out more here.

Data migration can seem like an epic struggle . . . and you may wish that you had Thor’s hammer to hit something.

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