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Published 27 July 2021

How To Win in the Face of Missing Data


Pop quiz! If we asked you what the first cola on the market was, you’d be right if you said Coca-Cola. Who made the first jam/jelly in North America? If you guessed Smucker’s, you’re on the money. First commercially produced vehicle in the US? Well, that was Ford, of course. How about the first power tool on the US market? That would be the Black & Decker drill. All of these companies earned their place on the winner’s podium with products worthy of the gold. These brands, and so many more, have become household names. Why?


The Coke bottle: surely one of the most iconically shaped bottles ever.

The first is perceived as the best.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “everybody loves a winner.” Have you ever considered why that might be true? Is it because of the admirable skill or prowess it took to earn first place? Is it part of a survival-of-the-fittest mentality? If we’re talking about human achievement, that may all be true, but what about when it comes to consumer goods, to the brands we know and trust? What makes a brand stand out? And do the same rules apply to software?

A Glimpse into the Human Mind

It’s a remarkable feature of the human mind. Who was the first person to fly trans-Atlantic? Who was second? Who is the fastest athlete on earth? Who is second? Who was the first President of the United States? Who was second? What was the first brand of facial tissue? What was second? Who made the first chocolate bar in the US? Who was second?

It’s an interesting phenomenon, but most people will easily answer the “first” question, often with little to no idea as to who was second. There’s a very simple reason for that: The first is perceived as the best. It also works inversely. Ask someone what the best product is (in almost any category) and they’ll declare, “So-and-so, because they were the first!” So, how about software that automatically repairs broken file links? Even if you’re a professional in this field, you might not know the answer to this question (yet), but that’s okay, because we’re going to tell you.


When speed is of the essence: Nothing fixes broken links faster than LinkFixer Advanced, although the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ — the fastest car on the road — might admittedly be more fun to drive.

Groundbreaking Genius

Sometimes, good men and women make history quietly and without fanfare, simply intent upon getting the job done. Such was the case for the crew at LinkTek.

. . . the “how” is a bit like Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

The first company to produce patented software that automatically repairs broken file links was LinkTek and the product was LinkFixerPlus. That was back in 2001 and the software was groundbreaking. It was a completely new and innovative technology that created a whole new category of software. There was simply nothing else like it on the market. Now, almost twenty years later, with time and energy constantly being invested in continually upgrading the product, there is LinkFixer Advanced, which beats its predecessor both in terms of speed and data capacity. And, frankly, there’s still simply nothing like it on the market.

Imagine if Pepsi had somehow stolen Coca-Cola’s formula and called their product, “Coke 2.0.” Why would anyone have purchased Coke 2.0 when the original Coca-Cola was obviously the best, since it had been the first? Pepsi had to formulate a brand and recipe of their own, with a different marketing strategy, in order to compete and although they do okay in second place, one can’t ignore the fact that Coca-Cola is the behemoth, the global leader in terms of soda sales (by far). Why? Because they were first.


The iconic Ford Model T.

So, much like Coca-Cola, LinkFixer Advanced was the first of its kind on the market. Another reason LinkFixer Advanced has earned its gold is plain and simple: speed. Let’s say Bob discovers that he has broken file links following a migration. So, Bob grabs a Coke from the ubiquitous vending machine and sits down to begin the process of repairing those pesky suckers. In the time it takes Bob to find and fix a single broken file link, LinkFixer Advanced can find and fix about 6,000 of the little darlings. (Sounds like a gold medal sprint to us.)

First? Yes. The best? Every time.

Finally, let’s talk deployment, as in when LinkFixer Advanced can be used and what it does. LinkFixer Advanced will not only find your broken file links, it will also rapidly repair them. When do you use it? There are literally no limitations here, as LinkFixer Advanced can be used either before your migration, during your migration, or after your migration. If that isn’t covering all your bases, we don’t know what is.

What and When

We can tell you what LinkFixer Advanced does and when to use it, but the “how” is a bit like Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Try getting KFC (or Coke) to share their recipe with you. We guarantee that ain’t going to happen. Here’s what we can tell you. The LinkFixer Advanced software consists of several automated functions that find, fix and maintain links, as described below:


Smucker’s: From simple beginnings to a nationwide jam and jelly empire in under 100 years.

  1. The “Inoculate” function protects all the links prior to a data migration, prepping them so that they can quickly be auto-repaired when they get broken. Next, having completed your migration, the “Cure” function can automatically fix all the previously inoculated broken links, and it does it fast.
  1. If the migration was completed before you had an opportunity to inoculate the links, leaving you with thousands (or millions) of broken links, it’s not too late. The “Modify Links” function fixes broken links faster and more accurately than trying to do it manually or with a search & replace application. Think of this feature as “disaster recovery mode.”

The newfangled electric drill: A century later, they’re still drilling holes in things.

  1. Finally, the software also offers a “Move/Rename” function that moves or renames files and folders while automatically handling your links so that they remain fully functional when the migration is complete. Imagine completing a migration with zero missing data due to broken file links.

All said and done, LinkFixer Advanced is simply superior when it comes to finding and fixing broken file links. For further information, visit or speak to a friendly Service Consultant at 727-442-1822 for more details on how it can help you. LinkFixer Advanced. First? Yes. The best? Every time.

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