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March 24, 2021

How to Eliminate Missing Data Like a Viking Warrior

Eliminate Missing Data

It’s the thorn in the side of nearly every IT professional who has ever had to conduct a data migration. You planned your strategy in detail. It all looked good in theory, so the migration got the green light and went ahead. Initially, the migration appeared to have gone relatively smoothly, but let’s face it, who ever has a 100% perfectly seamless, problem-free migration? (Maybe the flocks of birds that fly north or south, depending on the season, but that’s not the kind of migration we’re talking about, is it?)

One tool that always gets results? You better believe it.

Was your migration from one server to another? Was it from a local server into the cloud? Was it migrating a current file system to a CMS like SharePoint or OpenText? Was it a restructure of your current file system? Was it a server upgrade?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions and you’re here, reading this, it takes neither a rocket scientist nor a mind-reader to figure out why. Chances are you’ve got missing data, right? Ugh. We understand.

Eliminate Missing Data Like a Viking

Maddening migrations? One hidden cause has been found and solved.

Sadly, the solution is seldom small or simple. It’s either going to take a team working flat-out to fix it rapidly before the end-users lose their minds, or any weekend plans you’ve made just sank like the Titanic. Unlike the Titanic (over which we obviously had zero control!), we won’t let you sink. We’re here to help you rise to the occasion like a Viking longship brimful of hearty warriors, triumphantly returning home as the conquering heroes.

In your current situation, with missing data, upset end-users and grouchy bosses, you need more than the regular spoils of war to impress the chieftain.

You need something better than exotic lumber from distant shores and definitely more valuable than an interesting assortment of cups, jewels and furs.

What you need is a prized treasure — a time-saving, life-saving tool known as LinkFixer Advanced™ that will literally knock the chieftain’s woolen socks off. (And yes, the Vikings were wearing wool socks a thousand years ago!)

Trust us when we say there’s nothing like it on the market. No other weapon in anyone’s arsenal (audaciously adventurous Viking or otherwise) can even come close. How do we know? Because its unique design is patented, and that’s no sales-pitch. It’s just a plain and simple fact. Nothing compares to this robust, intelligent, multi-tasking workhorse. Deploy it like a medieval castle-charging horde and literally sit back and watch the show. Let’s take a look at the Norsemen’s basic principles of warfare.

... fix it rapidly before the end-users lose their minds ...

They largely avoided marine battle wherever possible, preferring to raid coastal towns and monasteries in their efficient longships (which were narrow enough to sneak up small rivers at night). They were skilled at hand-to-hand combat, fearless and, for the most part, ruinously successful. (Side note: They didn’t actually wear horns on their helmets. That fictional notion was borrowed from other cultures who themselves only wore horns ceremonially. But let’s get back to the point.)

Viking Boots

Buff up your battle boots. With LinkFixer Advanced, your victory is imminent.

If those Vikings had been in your shoes, what would they have done (other than be utterly fascinated by your 21st Century footwear)? Well, for starters they were good at spotting any weakness in an enemy’s defenses and exploiting it. They’d likely have spotted, as you have, the fragility of the links that break during a migration or file-system reorg. Next? They’d have unleashed their finest warriors to go in and take control. In your case, this would translate to deploying LinkFixer Advanced’s Modify Links feature. Imagine a tool that automatically re-links your files and folders, regardless of quantity, in batch. Wouldn’t that spell victory for you? Já! (That’s ancient Norse for “yes.”).

Missing data automatically restored? End-users no longer complaining and happily back at work?

The boss actually smiled at you? And you might actually manage to get out of the office on time? By our reckoning, you’ve just won the battle. How does that feel? Good enough to put a slight Scandinavian swagger in your step? Yes? We feel the same way and goshdarnit, but you look good in those Viking boots!

We claimed earlier that LinkFixer Advanced is a multitasking workhorse and we don’t make claims we can’t back up with certainty and decent ax- or spear-power. So, what else can it do?

Apologies for blinding you with the Scandi grins in our weather-beaten, ocean-tan faces, but just like a battle-smart Viking, LinkFixer Advanced has a couple of tricks up her sleeve. We’ve talked about deploying her, post-migration, to repair those busted links and restore the missing data, but what if you’re not in a post-migration phase?

Deploy it like a medieval castle-charging horde and literally sit back and watch the show.

Ah, we’ve got you covered either way, Ragnar Lothbrok, you Viking legend!

There are two alternative scenarios where you can deploy LinkFixer Advanced and both result in a victory dance.

Scenario number one is prior to your migration. This is a great time to use LinkFixer Advanced to prep your data for migration, assuring no missing data due to broken links after your migration is complete. First you would apply the “Inoculate” feature to protect your links. Then following your migration, you’d apply the “Cure” feature to do just that: to rapidly cure the broken links in any or all of your files and folders.

Imagine a tool that automatically re-links your files and folders, regardless of quantity, in batch ...

Scenario number two is the deployment of LinkFixer Advanced to actually handle the migration for you.

A Viking escort, as it were. Imagine that! Files and folders neatly corralled, marching through migration to emerge completely unscathed — not an iota of missing data due to broken links. Who ever heard of that? Simply use the Move and Rename feature. Yup, that is some seriously swagger-worthy stuff right there.

One tool that does it all, whether before, during or after? Yes. One tool with barefaced disregard for the number of enemy you’re facing? Absolutely.

One tool that always gets results? You better believe it.

We think that’s worthy of a boisterous boar-gobbling, cup-clinking Viking victory feast.

If you’d like a live demonstration of LinkFixer Advanced or your own complimentary trial version so you can wreak a little Norse havoc on your foe yourself, call us at 727-442-1822.

Alternatively, for more information, visit us at By Odin’s beard, here’s to your victory!

... prep your data for migration, assuring no missing data due to broken links after your migration ...

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