How to Avoid a Mysterious Cause of Data Loss When Migrating to SharePoint

You want your migration to SharePoint to be smooth with no data loss, minimal downtime and executives happy with your performance. LinkFixer Advancedcan help you be a migration hero.

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The “Missing Link” That Can Ruin Your Data Migration

A great way to give yourself a heap load of troubles is to not protect your file links before a migration. Alternatively, you should have a way to quickly fix links, in large batches, after a migration. Without these capabilities, you might be giving up some of your nights and weekends.

We don’t handle every potential barrier that stands between you and your goals for your migration. We can, however, handle the heck out of all file-link issues. At least that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about.

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Launch Your SharePoint Migration the Right Way

How would you like to do your migration, no matter how massive it may be, and have your file links set up so that you don’t lose any data due to broken links?

LinkFixer Advanced preserves and protects all links to documents, spreadsheets, images, websites and more, when you move your files into SharePoint (or anywhere else, for that matter).

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SharePoint On-Premises or Online?

No matter which way you go, LinkFixer Advanced is there for you like an old reliable friend.
Here’s a glimpse into the secret formula: LinkFixer Advanced creates a new “super link” between your files. This new link is not impacted during any migration. (Yep, technology magic.) The trick is to run it beforehand, then you are free to move about the cabin as you please, doing all the moving and renaming your heart desires.

After the migration, simply run LinkFixer Advanced again and boom! Everything (links-wise) is restored so that all your files are connected just as they were before the migration. That just saved you a whole bunch of time and frustration.

To get a bit more detail on how this works, click here for a few video demonstrations.

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Already Made the Move and Now It’s All Busted?

Did you complete a data migration before you found out about LinkFixer Advanced?

Do you already have a mess of broken links?

The good news is: It’s not too late.

LinkFixer Advanced also has a Modify Links tool that uses built-in (or custom) “search and replace” rules to modify your links, thereby fixing them for you. And, what’s more, it can run the same rules on thousands of files at a time. If you already have broken links, there is nothing that fixes them faster or more automatically.

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Supported File Types

LinkFixer Advanced handles all of the most popular file types that might get migrated, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign and many more.

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Let LinkFixer Advanced Safeguard Your Links, Before Your Migration

Protecting and Auto-Restoring File Links, Millions at a Time

LinkFixer Advanced sets up your links so that you can do all the moving, renaming and restructuring you want, using whatever applications you like, with total impunity (links-wise). After the migration is done, LinkFixer Advanced can automatically re-link everything.

Let LinkFixer Advanced Handle Your Migration

Moving and Renaming Your Files, Without Broken Links

One way you could use LinkFixer Advanced is to have it move and rename your files and folders. The magic here is that it can do this while automatically maintaining all your good links in the process.

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Do You Already Have Broken Links?

Auto-Recovery from a Broken Links Disaster

Okay, so you didn’t find out about us in time to pre-safeguard your links, and now you’ve got thousands of broken ones. You can relax because LinkFixer Advanced has this situation covered too. No matter why your links got broken, LinkFixer Advanced has a process called “Modify Links” that can fix already-broken links faster than any other method on planet Earth.

Think of this as “Link Disaster Recovery”.

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