EFC Name Survey

LinkTek is developing a new industrial-strength app that will make bulk changes across multiple file types and can be run on hundreds of thousands of files reliably and conveniently.

The idea is that this software will ultimately have the ability to make bulk changes to text in multiple file types. If you need to replace thousands of images enterprise-wide, this software could do it for you. If you want an easy paragraph style manager for beautifully consistent Word docs, this application will be able to do that too. The software will save an incredible amount of time when making enterprise-wide changes.

We’d like your help in choosing this baby’s name.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best), please rate how much you like each of the following names.

Enterprise File Changer(Required)
Enterprise File Changer
Enterprise File Corrector(Required)
Enterprise File Corrector
Corporate File Changer(Required)
Corporate File Changer
Global File Changer(Required)
Global File Changer
Mass File Changer(Required)
Mass File Changer

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