This Network Admin lost data during his recent migration.

His users were upset ... and so was his boss.

Then, we stepped in.

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Are You Concerned About:

Data loss during a migration?

Getting a migration project done on time?

Linked files being accessible after the migration?

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LinkFixer Advanced Will Help:

Ensure linked files are accessible

Maintain data integrity

Eliminate one common cause of delay and failure of migration projects

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Find and fix broken links in hundreds,

thousands or even millions of files

quickly, easily and automagically!

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Get your 21-day free trial of LinkFixer Advanced now.

Find and fix broken links in thousands, or even millions of files quickly, easily and automatically! LinkFixer Advanced is the only software tool that automatically repairs broken links in a wide variety of file types. LinkFixer Advanced provides detailed reporting, including broken link reports, showing links within files that are not working properly.

Need a data migration due to:

  • Server upgrades or consolidations?
  • Migrating to the Cloud?
  • Novell to Windows upgrades?
  • Implementing DFS?
  • Implementing NAS or SAN?


 Or, do you need to do any:

  • Upgrading to Office 365?
  • Fixing links in files in SharePoint or OpenText?
  • Changing folder or file names?
  • Remapping file paths into archives?

If you’re doing any of the above, check out the video or scroll down to see how we can help.

After End Users and Hackers, the Most Frequent Cause of Lost Data is…

If you are migrating files or restructuring your file system, broken links are likely to happen. Broken links can cost you hundreds or even thousands of lost man-hours.

So when your boss is breathing down your neck, asking why his employees are all stuck due to missing data, remember that LinkFixer Advanced is the only patented link protection tool out there. And it happens to be pretty easy to use and works pretty darn well. Whether in a complex migration or a relatively routine hardware upgrade, you need a way to protect yourself from data loss due to broken file links

LinkFixer Advanced allows you to do your migration or your file system changes without the worry of broken links. But what if you already have a links disaster? That’s okay, LinkFixer Advanced can help with that too.

Get your 21-day free trial of LinkFixer Advanced today.

Protect Your File System and Your Data!

“Doing a data migration or file system reorganization without LinkFixer Advanced is like having a network with open access to anyone and everyone.” – E.C.

As a Network or System Admin, you completely trust all users, both the internal and external ones. I mean, no one would ever do anything, even accidentally, that might harm your network or compromise your data. … Right? … (We consider it part of our job to give you a good laugh once in a while.)

Okay, so maybe you do use a few passwords, assign permissions and have some malware protection.

Data migration veterans know that LinkFixer Advanced is the life-saver from broken file links. Just as firewalls, passwords and permissions protect you from users and hackers, LinkFixer Advanced protects you from the effects of broken file links.

You are preparing for a migration and you need to ensure that all your bases are covered. There are so many factors, costs and pitfalls to consider that you ideally would have a specialist for each area. That’s where LinkTek fits into your corner. We help you avoid the disaster that can come from broken file links.

Here’s a small but common example.

13,967 is the statistical estimate of the average number of man-hours saved by the average-size LinkTek customer using LinkFixer Advanced to handle their file links during their data migration project. Of course, your results will vary, based on a number of factors including such things as the size of your migration, the complexity of the project, the number of files migrated, the number of links in those files and whether or not your files have any pre-existing corruption.

Average Man-Hours Saved

Get your 21-day free trial of LinkFixer Advanced today.

“Broken links disrupt employees’ work and lower productivity as they seek out the inaccessible data… Happily, there is a way to handle this and come out looking like an IT hero.”

Average Money Saved

Download our whitepaper to understand what strategies companies are using to prevent this growing problem.

How LinkFixer Advanced
Makes Your Life Easier:

1.  You can use LinkFixer Advanced to migrate your data.

As the name implies, you can use Move/Rename to do just that — move and/or rename thousands of files and folders at a time without breaking a single file link while doing so. Never worry about losing files after you’ve renamed or moved them. (Note: If you have an application for doing the actual migration, you can still have your links automatically handled. See option 2, below.)

Move / Rename

Migrate Files Without Breaking Links
Quickly become a data migration boss by moving or renaming batches of parent files and all of their child files. As they are moved or renamed, links are automatically updated — without causing broken links.

2. Or use your own migration tool and let us automatically fix broken links.

Alternatively, if you already have a certain application that you need to use for your data migration, we can still automatically protect and fix all your links, thousands at a time and quite fast. Use LinkFixer Advanced’s two-part process, Inoculate and Cure, to safeguard and fix all of your links at blazing speed. With these two steps, you can rest easy, as you should never lose data due to broken links!


Protect Your Links

Sleep well at night knowing your links are safe. Inoculation creates a secondary association between your parent file and each of its child files. This will ensure that all your file links can be repaired automatically and fast.


Fix Broken Links Automatically!
After you have inoculated and completed your data migration, with the push of a button, you save thousands of man-hours by no longer having the tedious task of fixing broken links. Cure can select and fix broken (but inoculated) links by matching them through a patented process, thus saving you precious time.

3. Already completed a migration or file system restructuring and have lots of broken links to contend with?

Well, there is some good news. LinkFixer Advanced has a feature called “Modify Links” that can save the day! Use it to create a series of custom rules (easy) and then let LinkFixer Advanced work its magic, fixing all your links in batch.

Modify Links

Fix Link Disasters
Need to change all the links in 500,000 files? No sweat. “Modify Links” gives you the power to define custom rename rules to modify the content of links contained within batches of parent files.

Do you have files to move?
Don’t go without LinkFixer Advanced.

Get in the know on all things LinkTek.
Gain access to the LinkFixer Advanced Knowledge Base.

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