Want your Microsoft® Office macros to run on zillions of files in batch without interruptions and crashes?

Enter MacroBooster

As an IT pro or anyone who writes or runs Microsoft Office macros, you often need to make the same changes to a boatload of files. But you know the problem…


Running macros on multiple files is usually slow, filled with annoying pop-ups and often accompanied by crashing.

MacroBooster solves the crashing problem and results in your job finishing a lot sooner. You don't have to restart every time it encounters a corrupt file.

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Touch Button

Run the same macro on tons of files at the touch of a button.

One reason it’s so fast is that MacroBooster intelligently handles warnings and other pop-ups automatically — no user interaction required.


MacroBooster provides a stable environment to run Microsoft Office macros in batch on multiple Microsoft Office files.

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  • Saves your evenings and weekends. No more having to work late making the same changes in a bunch of files (or having to babysit macros).
  • Gets your boss off your back about finishing all his bulk changes.
  • Gives you a good reason to re-assign the boss’s mistake-prone nephew.
  • A few corrupt Office files can’t wreck your batch job.

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  • Allows you to select the files for processing in various ways — based on file extensions, file modification date, file modification time, filename, file path and many more file attributes.
  • Runs your macro on the selected files with a few mouse clicks. This will be faster than individually opening each file and running the macro on it.
  • Doesn’t prematurely stop your job every time it hits a messed-up file.
  • Processes files located on local hard drives, network shares, SharePoint (on-premise or online) and OpenText.
  • Automatically sends you an e-mail when the batch process is all done.
  • Preserves your original “Last Modified” time stamps.*

*Preservation of time stamps not supported in OpenText.


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