Want your Microsoft Word macros to run on a ton of files — in batch — without interruptions or crashes?

Now you can change (or report) anything you can imagine in zillions of Word files in one single run!  

The Problem With Macros

If you know anything about macros or macro software (which you most likely do, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you know that working with Word® macros has certain inherent problems you may be familiar with:

No console or dashboard to run and control macros in Word.

Even with a macro tool that allows macros to run on multiple files, there is no smooth, fast way to select the files you want to run a given macro on.

Any time you have to stop and restart a batch-processing tool (for whatever reason), you lose all the work it’s already done. The same thing happens if it crashes.

Speaking of crashes, these are typically caused by batch-processing macros. The accumulation of memory errors can cause a crash even after processing just a few hundred files — or less.

There’s no way of processing password-protected files.

Man frustrated with Word files

The Merits of Word Macros

Did you know that a simple Word macro can automatically modify (or report on) nearly anything you can imagine in thousands of Word files at the push of a button? In case you’re wondering what the implications of that are, here are a few examples:

Perform Global Search & Replace:

Examples could include tasks such as changing every instance of “WalMart” to “Walmart.” Or perhaps you need to replace your company’s old logo with that smart new logo. Or maybe you’ve been asked to increase the size of your company logo by 10% everywhere it appears. Or you need to update the new chairman of the board’s name in all relevant documentation.

Word macros

Enforce a Company Style Guide:

Examples might include ensuring that every instance of your company name is followed by the trademark (™) symbol. Maybe you need all tables standardized in terms of borders, shading, alignment, paragraph styles, fonts, and so on. Maybe every report or article heading needs to be standardized to title case in a particular font or font size. Maybe all images have to be captioned or replaced. The possibilities are endless.

Word macros

Detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

An example may be to locate every document that contains what appears to be a Social Security number or a credit card number as you beef up company security.

Word macros

File Format Conversion:

For example, convert all of your .DOC files to .DOCX. Or convert all your Word files into PDFs.

Word macros

Cool Stuff That Experienced Microsoft Word Experts Like You Think Of:

How about turning every mention of a product name into a hyperlink that points to that product’s webpage? Or adding a confidentiality notice to the footer of all relevant pages?

Word macros

Honestly, the above are all fairly simple examples. The capabilities of a Word macro are limited only by your (wildly creative) imagination!

Creating Macros Is Fun and Easy

Creating macros to do all the things you want to be done is literally as easy as busting out a dial-wide smile on a sunny spring day. Sometimes, all you need to do is record a few keystrokes with Word’s macro recorder.

Word macros

Running Macros Can Be Painful

Yes, macros can do lots of cool things and can be a lot of fun to create. But what happens when you try to run your well-written macro on a massive number of files? We all know batch file commands don’t always produce the hoped-for results.

Word macros

The Downside of Macros

If you’ve ever tried to run a beautifully written macro on a huge number of files, you’re probably familiar with the most painful potential outcomes.

  • Endless Torment:

    You're completely forgiven for those expletive-filled moments when Word continuously pops up those dialog boxes giving you ominous warnings and asking alarming and confusing questions. If you’ve ever gotten the “Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source file is untrusted,” you know precisely what we’re talking about.

  • Unexpected Sudden Death:

    As if the endless pop-ups weren’t bad enough, there’s also the unbelievable frustration when Word suddenly crashes, literally dying on your watch, simply because it hit a corrupt Word file, or something like a PDF file that was accidentally named with a .DOCX extension.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to tell Word to run a search-and-replace macro on a large set of files and come back the next morning to find all your files processed without a hitch? If you’re lucky, that might work on a couple of hundred files, but what if you have tens of thousands of files? Uh-oh.

MacroBooster Gives You Superpowers!

MacroBooster solves all of the above problems by giving you amazing superpowers!

Run batch processing on millions of files

No more annoying pop-ups

Crash-proof Word when running macros in batch

Time-savings you need to see to believe

Pop-Ups Have No Power Here

MacroBooster’s AUTOREPLY technology automatically and intelligently replies to those annoying pop-ups, dialog boxes, unnecessary warnings and dumb questions that Word rudely lobs at you during your batch-processing journey. Owning MacroBooster is like being able to instantly turn every traffic light green the moment you approach it.

The Gift of Immortality

MacroBooster’s IMMORTALITY technology literally saves Word from dying on you when it hits a corrupt file or other serious problem. How? Instead of crashing, Word simply skips the problem file and goes on its merry way, fighting crime, and pursuing truth and justice (or whatever noble feats you’re performing for your users). Without MacroBooster, those corrupt files cause Word’s death (by crashing). But being armed with MacroBooster is like living forever.

Superpowers, Squared!

MacroBooster grants you the power to combine the simplicity and power of Word macros with the battle-proof reliability of enterprise-grade software. The result? All of your organization’s Word files — and every detail about them — 100% under your control.

Word macros

In Recognition of Heroic Service

With your newly acquired superpowers of turning traffic lights green and sidestepping death as though it were no threat at all, you’ve risen to IT Hero status, saving mortal end-users from the drudgery of manually making changes to zillions of Word files. Executives and coworkers will smile appreciatively and salute you when you pass. Children will trail behind you, clamoring for autographs, and beautiful people will swoon at your feet. (Finally!)

Word macros

The Benefits of Your Cape and Mask

Beyond the recognition for your heroics, what are the other benefits of having perfected your superpowers?

  • MacroBooster spares your evenings and weekends for fighting real crime (or whatever you do when not at work). Forget about having to work late, making the same changes over and over, in a bunch of files, or having to babysit macros.
  • Rid yourself of the complaints from bosses and users about all the bulk changes they need to have made.
  • MacroBooster can process your files stored in SharePoint and even your password-protected files.
  • Corrupt or nastily problematic Word files can’t wreck your batch job.

If this isn’t the equivalent of swooshing off into the sunset, unencumbered by mundane problems, we don’t know what is!

Running Macros Without MacroBooster
is Like …

  • Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.
  • Letting people shoot at you without wearing a flak jacket.
  • Driving like a Formula 1 racer without wearing a seatbelt.
  • Walking through a burning building without wearing a fireproof suit.
  • Deep sea diving without an oxygen tank.
  • Trying to slice bread with your finger.

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