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Link Reporter is a free and effective link cheker tool that allows IT pros to easily and automatically discover the status of file links enterprise-wide.

For a network administrator, Link Reporter is a game-changer. This remarkable tool empowers IT professionals to effortlessly and automatically assess the status of file links throughout their entire enterprise. With its efficiency and effectiveness, Link Reporter ensures that you can easily stay on top of file link health, enabling seamless file management and troubleshooting across the network. It's an indispensable asset for maintaining a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

It's an indispensable asset for maintaining a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Link Reporter will scan (up to 100 gigabytes or 100,000 files at one time) and report on the exact links contained in the file, whether the links are broken or working, and the full path to the files pointed to by the links. Once isolated, broken links can be repaired, reducing the chances of missing data and lost productivity.

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3 Effective Reports for File Link Visibility and Analysis

Broken Link Report
A broken link report is generated by a comprehensive broken link checker tool, highlighting parent files that contain broken links. This report provides a concise list of the affected files, accompanied by specific details about the broken links within each file. By efficiently identifying and reporting these broken links, the tool enables prompt remediation, enhancing the overall user experience and website performance.

Regular Report
The regular report generated by this link checker tool provides a comprehensive overview of parent files and their associated child files. It meticulously lists every parent file alongside all the linked child files, offering a thorough and complete report of your files. This report aids in understanding the intricate web of connections between files, facilitating effective file management and organization.

Cross Reference Report
The Cross Reference Report generated by the link checker tool provides a comprehensive list of child files, accompanied by an inventory of all parent files referencing them. This invaluable report assists in determining the safety of deleting a child file by assessing its dependencies. It streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring efficient management of file deletions.

Supported File Types
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According to IT professionals nationwide, downtime and data loss resulting from complex data migrations are one of the biggest concerns for organizations globally with a reported 50% of migrations exceeding schedule and budget significantly.

Locked cloud data

Link Reporter is an effective tool for allowing users to easily and automatically discover the status of their file links in order to determine which ones need to be fixed, thereby reducing the chances of missing data or deeper IT issues.


Link Reporter assists by discovering how many files contain links, how many links are already broken, and the total number of links that will likely become broken during any type of data migration involving any moving or renaming of folders or files.

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