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Link Reporter is the fastest, feature-rich broken link checker tool for IT professionals. It offers detailed reports on your link status enterprise-wide, facilitating proactive network management to reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

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Have you checked your file system for broken links after your recent SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure or other data migration? Or do you already have users nagging you about missing data or broken file links?

Experience the quickest broken link checker and feature-rich link reporting tool that empowers IT professionals world-wide to assess the status of file links across their entire enterprise.

Using three reports to identify and report on all your file links not just broken links Link Reporter™ enables you to thoroughly analyze your links so you can better asses and prevent risks to your file system.

Stay Ahead on File Link Health Management

Link Reporter is not just your average broken link checker — it becomes an indispensable reporting tool when regularly used for file management and troubleshooting across your network infrastructure. By leveraging the link visibility its three reports provide, you can do regular checks to stay on top of file link health.

Facilitate Data Migration Success

Used proactively, Link Reporter can facilitate a successful data migration by providing detailed data on links already broken and those that can still break due to file and folder relocation or renaming — as happens during a data migration.

In-Depth Scanning and Accurate Reporting

Link Reporter performs robust scanning, capable of analyzing up to 100 gigabytes or 100,000 files simultaneously. It provides precise reports, detailing the exact links present in each file, their working or broken status and the full path to the linked files.

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Supported Platforms
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Planning a Data Migration? Know the State of Every File Link in Your Dataset, Saving Time & Money

When assessing the risks and making informed decisions on your upcoming data migration, having ample knowledge on the links in your dataset is key to your success.

However before spending time and money on migration tools, that might be overkill for your needs, first get to know the full scope of your file links with a free link checking tool like Link Reporter.

With Link Reporter, IT Processionals know the status and location of every file links in their dataset, facilitating risk assessment and

Maximizing Link Visibility for Effective Analysis:

— Unlock the Power of 3 Essential Reports —

Broken File Links

Broken Link Report

Highlighting parent files (files containing links to other files) that contain broken links — this report provides a concise list of the affected files, accompanied by specific details about the broken links within each file. By efficiently identifying and reporting these broken links, the tool enables prompt remediation, enhancing the overall user-experience and website performance.

File Link Report

Regular Link Report

Providing a comprehensive overview of all parent files and their associated child files (files that other files link to) — this report meticulously lists every parent file alongside all the linked child files, regardless of link status, offering a thorough and complete report of your files. This report aids in understanding the intricate web of connections between files, facilitating effective file management and organization.

Comprehensive Link Report

Cross Reference Report

Generating a comprehensive list of child files, accompanied by an inventory of all parent files referencing them — this invaluable report assists in determining the safety of deleting a child file by assessing its dependencies. It streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring efficient management of file deletions.

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