Broken Links in Microsoft Word? What to Do

LinkFixer Advanced features exclusive patented technology that discovers all the links in your Word files and safeguards them in advance to prevent broken Microsoft Word links (such as object links, image links, video links and macro links) when files are moved or renamed. Note: On this page, the topic is Microsoft Word files. But it should be mentioned here that LinkFixer Advanced can work its magic on a whole bunch of other file types too, such as Excel, Access, Visio, PowerPoint, Adobe files of all types, HTML, and on and on. For more details, check our LinkFixer Advanced product page. Prevent data loss (including Microsoft Word data loss) when you perform a local or enterprise-wide server, folder or file migration.

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If you are missing some data (a graphic, a logo, a table, etc.) or if a hyperlink doesn’t work, you have broken links in that file. How does this happen? Much of the time, it’s the cause of users. If your company is typical, there are end users making changes to files and folders all over your system, all day long. And they move and rename files and folders without ever telling you, don’t they?

But here’s the more potentially devasting situation: Data migration. For example, if you’re operating with internal servers and the company wants to migrate to the cloud or into SharePoint, or they want to upgrade the servers or consolidate them, it’s up to you — the IT magician (because we know you’re that good) — to make it all happen smoothly and effectively. Yet all these actions cause wholesale broken links. And that equals lost data.

How can you prevent broken Word links from happening during data migration? For that matter, how can you prevent any of your links from being broken in all your file types? (We’ll take a guess that you have more than just Word files in your organization.)


LinkFixer Advanced can protect links in Microsoft Word that point to all kinds of files — including other Word files, Excel files, Adobe Acrobat files, InDesign files and CAD files. We’ll identify any files that aren’t working properly as well as help you to identify, quantify and qualify links contained in files, supporting proper risk analysis and management prior to your migration efforts. You can find out more about what LinkFixer Advanced does by checking out our main product page.

LinkFixer Advanced prevents Broken Word Links — Automatically

Additional file types supported: Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe InDesign, Premiere and PageMaker, MicroStation, AutoCAD, HTML, OpenText, and more.

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Repair Broken Microsoft Word Links Automatically After Server Migration

If you use your own migration tool or another commercial application, you can still use LinkFixer Advanced to handle your links, even if you have millions of them.

Without LinkFixer Advanced, you could end up with a whole bunch of disgruntled end users, including your leadership team and CIO. To fix every link, you’ll need lots of time and money to dive into each one of them manually. Using LinkFixer Advanced is a lot easier, faster and less frustrating.

There are a few different ways you can use LinkFixer Advanced. One way it to use the Inoculate function which essentially creates a second connection between each file and all the other files that it links to. This is a patented process like no other. One of the things that makes it so exceptional is that once you inoculate all your files, you can freely migrate or rename them (and the folders and drives in which they reside) as much as you like without having to give a thought to the links.

Then, after your migration is complete, just run the Cure function to automatically fix all the broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch and much faster than trying to fix them manually or any other way.

Alternatively, if you have already completed a migration and there are tons of broken links to deal with, well with LinkFixer Advanced, you’re still in luck! The Modify Links feature lets you easily create global rename rules, which you can use to batch re-link all your files that way.

Three Ways to Use LinkFixer Advanced

With LinkFixer Advanced, you have three ways you can utilize the application: 1) Use LinkFixer Advanced to do your migration without breaking links in the first place. 2) Use Inoculate, then do the migration with whatever software you like, and then use Cure to automatically fix all the broken links. 3) Use our advanced Modify Links option to build custom fixes (in case you already have a links problem of some kind).

To figure out your needs, you want reporting features that tell you what links need attention in Microsoft Word or other files. LinkFixer Advanced provides the following types of reports in CSV or HTML, so you can tackle each aspect of your data migration:

  • Broken Link Report: Create a report listing all files containing broken links so they can be fixed before causing problems. This helps to prevent data loss on a large scale.
  • Regular Report: Generate a regular report listing each file followed by a list of the files it links to.
  • Cross-Reference Report: Our most robust reporting option builds a cross-referenced report listing each linked file followed by a list of all the files that point to it. You can use this to prevent link data loss in Word by determining whether a file is being pointed to by any supported file types anywhere on your system. You’ll quickly see if this is a file that’s safe to delete, which helps when updating systems and moving over only what’s important.

Microsoft Word is not needed by LinkFixer Advanced to process links in Word files.

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