How To Prevent Losing Data in Your Acrobat Files

Well, this solution exists! LinkFixer Advanced is the only thing that you will ever need for all of your link issues. LinkFixer Advanced not only fixes all of your broken links, it also evaluates every link that you have in your files and protects them. LinkFixer Advanced supports a variety of file types. Check out all the supported file types by clicking here.

LinkFixer Advanced allows for the automatic reporting, maintenance and repair of links contained within Adobe Acrobat documents.


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Are you having a hard time with broken links in Adobe Acrobat (or other files)? If your links in Acrobat aren’t working properly, you are going to experience frustration and missing data. Now you are faced with the problem of sorting it all out and reestablishing those links to every PDF file on your network.

Problems like this can make your job a headache. Trying to fix the situation can be even more of a nightmare — sifting through the Internet hoping for a solution, and, at best, finding a weak solution that doesn’t fix the whole problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one solution to all your broken link problems? A product that simultaneously fixes all of the broken links in every one of your files, including your PDF files? A product that would make data migrations less of a risk?

LinkFixer Advanced

Protects your good links and fixes your broken links — automatically!

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Using LinkFixer Advanced, broken links in PDF files (such as hyperlinks, object links, image links, and video links) can be automatically repaired when PDF files, and/or the folders in which they reside, are moved or renamed. This is true even if you have millions of them.

What’s more, using exclusive patented technology, links in PDF files can be safeguarded in advance so that when files are moved or renamed at a later time, LinkFixer Advanced can then be used to automatically find and fix broken links in the moved or renamed files, in batch.

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LinkFixer Advanced can easily create a variety of detailed reports showing all the links within one or more PDF files, including broken link reports so that you can easily identify and fix any links that are not working. The reporting allows you to identify, quantify and qualify links in Acrobat files so that you can perform a detailed audit of the links, including a count of the links found in the PDF files.

Using LinkFixer Advanced, you can take control of the links in your PDF files that link to other files, such as hyperlinks and links to other external files, including other Acrobat files. This is critical whenever you conduct any sort of data migration or folder/file system restructuring when loads of files are being moved and/or renamed. Without LinkFixer Advanced, such actions often result in a quagmire of lost data.

Because LinkFixer Advanced is a stand-alone tool, it does not require the use of Adobe Acrobat to process links in PDF files.


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