Lost Data? Downtime?
Upset Users or Execs? … Data Migration?

We handle one of the sneakiest causes of humiliation and turmoil for IT managers. LinkFixer Advanced automatically fixes broken links when you move or rename files.

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Are you doing a migration to (or from) SharePoint™, OneDrive™, Box™, Dropbox™, AWS™, a private data center or some other storage media on a local or wide-area network (WAN) or in the cloud? Or are you doing a server refresh or a file system restructure?

Do you have thousands or millions of Excel™, Word™, PowerPoint™, Access™, OneNote™, Project™, Visio™, Acrobat™, InDesign™, PageMaker™, PDF, web or CAD/BIM files that need migrating, many of which contain links? Or have you recently completed a migration and have thousands or millions of broken links? If so…

What type of migration are you doing
(or recently completed)?

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The Fun and Geeky Stuff

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Benefits for You

  • Saves you from mind-numbing hours of trying to fix links using a replace application. Replacing links is so old-school (and not in the cool retro-muscle-car way.)
  • Alternatively, if you already have thousands of broken links, its disaster-recovery mode (Modify Links) can fix them faster than any replace tool or script on Earth.
  • Tech support? Ha! You get way more than just support. You get migration co-conspirators (more on this below).
  • Generally, makes you look like a genius who deserves a raise.

Note: For more details on what it can do, click on the capabilities tab.



LinkFixer Advanced can do the following on thousands of files at a time…

  • Migrate files and folders while automatically maintaining all the links between them.
  • Replace relative paths with absolute paths.
  • Replace absolute paths with relative paths.
  • Replace mapped drives with full UNC paths.
  • Search and replace server or share names.
  • Search and replace any part of a link path.
  • Update anchor text in Word, Excel and PowerPoint when replacing hyperlinks.
  • Convert SharePoint document IDs to or from URLs.
  • Handles international characters such as Unicode.
  • Can handle password protected files.
  • Supports content security, compliance and collaboration tools such as Box™.
  • Supports hyperlinks, OLE object links, mail merge links, images and more.

Supported File Types

  • Microsoft Excel xlsx xltx xls xlt xlsm xltm
  • Microsoft Word docx dotx doc dot docm dotm
  • Microsoft PowerPoint pot potm potx pps ppsm ppsx
    ppt pptm pptx
  • Microsoft Access accdb accde accdr accdt ade adn
  • Microsoft OneNote one
  • Microsoft Project mpp
  • Microsoft Visio vdw vdx vsd vsdx vss vst
  • SQL Databases sql mda mdb mde mdn mdt
  • Adobe Acrobat pdf ps eps
  • Adobe InDesign idml indd indt
  • Adobe PageMaker p65 pm pm6 pmd pmt t65
  • MicroStation dgn
  • AutoCAD dwg dxf
  • Revit rvt rte rfa rft
  • Web asp aspx css htm html js
    shtml swf mht mhtml dwt
  • Windows Shortcuts lnk


What in the World Have Your Users Been Up To?

LinkFixer Advanced scans whatever system you point it to and generates three reports — each one covering the situation in your system from a different angle, giving you a complete understanding of what your users have been up to (at least as it regards files and links).

  • Broken Link Report: Lists all parent files that have broken links, so they can be fixed before causing problems.
  • Regular Report: Lists all parent files followed by a list of the child files it links to, giving you a complete report of your files.
  • Cross Reference Report: Generates a report listing each linked file followed by a list of all the parent files that point to it, letting you know whether it is safe to delete the file or not.

What's New

Key Product Enhancements in the Last 12 Months

  • Improved LinkFixer Advanced’s Summary report to include visible result codes on links and user account names in error messages for improved clarity. This update simplifies error resolution and enhances report usefulness for users.
  • Restored the filename wildcard field, allowing users to specify file extensions (example: *.xlsx) to process specific types of files and links. This feature is now visible by default, enhancing user control over file and link selection.
  • Migrate faster! Optimized the Move/Rename process by eliminating redundant checks and tweaking the settings for peak performance.
  • Added support for SharePoint lists. Now, you can have LinkFixer Advanced scan, report and modify links in SharePoint lists.
  • Added a new feature that allows the user to import a file and link list for targeted processing. This decreases processing time, by ignoring files and links that don’t match the users imported criteria.
  • Improved LinkFixer Advanced's capability to handle SharePoint Article pages in addition to Site, Wiki, and Web Part pages. Users can now scan, report, and modify links in this page type in all SharePoint environments.
  • Introduced a feature that enables users to bypass SharePoint versioning concerns, ensuring reliable processing of published files across various libraries in all SharePoint environments. This setting streamlines file handling without the need to adjust for different versioning configurations.
  • LinkFixer Advanced now supports classic SharePoint layout! With enriched support for both modern and classic layouts, LinkFixer Advanced can now find and fix links in all your libraries (both documents and pages).

I want to thank you and your techs for their help with our project. I have spread the word in the Deere community that your product works great.

Michael Nowels, Network Administrator
John Deere

The tool worked wonderfully for our project, and I highly recommend it to anyone who was in our situation, moving from a file share structure to DFS. Everyone on your team who I worked with was very professional and courteous.

Seth Arnoff, Security and Compliance Coordinator
Aux Sable Liquid Products, Morris, Illinois

Thank you for helping me salvage several years' worth of work! I now feel like broken links are a thing of the past. Thanks again for your great product and for the awesome support you provide.

Gail Johnson
Grant County Public Utility District

LinkFixer is a great piece of software. LinkFixer has answered the needs of many by simplifying the management of document links across a wide variety of different software applications. Good job!

Alex Moreno
Masterfoods USA

We used the LinkFixer software to help us complete our document migration project. During the project, LinkTek provided superb support for our project requirements. We were able to talk to live support personnel in minutes and get quick responses. LinkFixer was the unique software on the market that would resolve our problem.

Benson Wu
Computer Systems Analyst
Northrop Grumman

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Would a brain surgeon run the hospital record-keeping?

Neither should you.

Do you hate the fact that restoring missing data often includes spending many hours working with a search & replace tool?

What’s your time worth to you?


LinkFixer Advanced cannot handle every cause of missing data you will run into. But it is the modern way to handle one cause of such problems — broken file links. This is especially important if you have done, or are soon to start, a large-scale data migration.

Seriously, who ever heard of an underworked, overstaffed IT department with nothing to do? Nobody, that’s who. Thow in a data migration and …

You have enough problems already, let LinkFixer Advanced handle one of them for you.

Let LinkFixer Advanced Safeguard Your Links Before Your Migration

Stop fixing links. (You read that right.) Don’t buy or write a “search and replace” script to fix links.  The modern way is to have LinkFixer Advanced set up your links so that you can do all the migrating, renaming and file-system restructuring you want, using whatever applications you like, with total impunity. Then after the migration is done, LinkFixer Advanced can automatically re-link everything for you! Watch the video.

LinkFixer Advanced Video 1:

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Alternatively, let LinkFixer Advanced Handle Your Migration

One way you could use LinkFixer Advanced is to have it move and rename your files and folders. The magic here is that it can do this while automatically maintaining all your good links in the process. Watch the video.

LinkFixer Advanced Video 2:

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Uh Oh! Do You Already Have a Ton of Broken Links?

Okay, so you didn’t find out about us in time to safeguard your links before your migration, and now you’ve got thousands of them — all broken. You can relax because LinkFixer Advanced has this situation covered too. No matter why your links got broken, LinkFixer Advanced has a process called “Modify Links” that can fix already-broken links faster than any other method on planet Earth. Think of this as “Disaster Recovery.” Watch the video.

LinkFixer Advanced Video 3:

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Links Fixed

Estimated number of links fixed by LinkFixer Advanced across all data migration projects worldwide.


Way Beyond Tech Support

A Few Words from LinkTek’s COO:

We don’t provide just customer service. Our culture is to go way beyond that. When you buy LinkFixer Advanced, you get Customer Co-conspirators in handling everything to do with your file links. (I just made up that term while writing this. Perhaps, I’ll change this to the official title of all our Tech Support reps. They deserve a better title.)

For example, what do you do when the clock is ticking, you’re hours away from your deadline, and, your data migration is screwed? It’s simple, really. You reach out to LinkTek and ask a customer support rep for help. This is the tale of a real estate company that specializes in the rental of tens of thousands of homes and found themselves in deep water.

During their migration, they realized they had a huge problem that required urgent link fixing. Their cutover was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning and management had emphasized that the deadline would not be extended. All the links needed to be operational so that all their data would be available to users arriving at the office in the morning. No downtime, no disruption. Desperate for assistance, their Project Lead contacted LinkTek.

Their Customer Co-Conspirator, Eugene, explains what happened next:

“With a technical focus, I promptly collaborated with the Project Lead, assisting him in setting up their available resources and utilizing LinkFixer Advanced’s exceptional technology to rectify their links. Despite the time constraints, we successfully fixed the links, ensuring a smooth transition for the client within the given timeframe. By 8:00 a.m. on Monday, the department’s links were effectively repaired, enabling them to resume operations seamlessly, using their files in the new location.”

Customer Co-conspirator, Stephen, reports that another client, a financial securities firm, was migrating their finance data to SharePoint Online and was worried about broken links, particularly in the financial data itself, after the migration. According to their Head of Infrastructure Engineering, by the completion of the finance data migration, they were not only impressed with LinkFixer Advanced but also with the level of product knowledge and support they experienced during the entire process.

Customer Co-Conspirator Eugene and his wife with a friend. Yes, that’s a real cheetah. Eugene is as helpful as he is brave.
Customer Co-Conspirator Eugene and his wife with a friend. Yes, that’s a real cheetah. Eugene is as helpful as he is brave.

Whether you need to protect links before a migration or repair links after a migration, you deserve reliable, sincere service that assists you in getting the job done. With LinkFixer Advanced, you get much more than that.

A recent client with over 40 years of experience in the IT industry commented that our customer service is unparalleled, our tech support is phenomenal, and that LinkTek way exceeded his expectations.

Eugene tells of a customer who was impressed by both the efficiency and price of LinkFixer Advanced:

“Recently, the largest flat-rolled steel producer in North America required our assistance. They were migrating files from an outdated file server to SharePoint Online when they realized they had broken links, which were impacting their operation. But, using LinkFixer Advanced, they were soon operational again. The customer expressed their gratitude and satisfaction. They emphasized that instead of opting for expensive consultants — which would have cost them thousands of dollars for the migration — LinkFixer Advanced efficiently had them up and running in no time — at a fraction of the cost. They were particularly impressed that links in macros were also fixed!”

Next-level tech support awaits you.

Ed Clark

A high-level overview in three and a half minutes

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Our Incomparable Experience with File Types and Links

When entrusting the safety of your valuable linked data to someone else, you want a company that has done this work with brain surgery–like precision for decades in billions of files.

A lack of experience in this exact niche risks subtle damage to your data.

We sidestep landmines all day long that can result in lost data, unopenable files, hidden file corruption and end-user frustration. Such errors can go unnoticed until they one day rear their ugly little heads and “byte” you in the backside.


The Benefits of LinkTek:

  • We’ve fixed broken links in common Windows file types for almost a quarter of a century.
  • We have a proven track record of opening, handling and safely making the correct changes to billions of files.
  • We’ve spent tens of thousands of software engineering man-hours analyzing every type of unique file-format situation imaginable.
  • We understand — and have a solution for — the zillions of ugly little anomalies that can reside in your files.
  • We can protect good links before a migration.
  • We can rapidly repair broken links after a migration.
  • Our customer support is next level.

There Can Be Only One

LinkTek’s premium software, LinkFixer Advanced can safely usher your data through your next migration. Get the free trial, and discover the truth for yourself.

What else can this workhorse do for you?

LinkFixer Advanced Reports

LinkFixer Advanced is a powerful tool for analyzing your websites, work documents, spreadsheets, image files and more. It creates complete reports that highlight errors and problems within a wide range of file types. Its special reporting options help you identify the links that aren’t working properly and see where they should link. If you need an evaluation of your files and links, simply let LinkFixer Advanced build a report so you can review the data in PDF or CSV format.

  • Broken Link Report — Lists all the files that contain one or more broken links and tells you which links are broken.
  • Regular Report — Lists each file, followed by all the files that it links to.
  • Cross-Reference Report — The opposite of the Regular Report, this report lists each file that is pointed to by a link, plus a list of all the files that point to it.

You can, for example, generate a report listing all files containing broken links and use automated rules in LinkFixer Advanced to fix them!


Feedback from a client helped by Customer Co-conspirator Stephen:

“This fix is for one of those files that was moved to a new subfolder after the link was created, breaking the link. I did not expect LinkFixer, or more correctly, Stephen Monhani, to be able to create a rule that would find a file that was moved into a new subfolder. Fixing this link was, in my opinion, miraculous. Hundreds of man-hours to find and fix broken links will be saved. My thanks go to Stephen Monhani.”

What if…? I mean, can it…? You know, like how does it…? Will we…?

Still have questions? No problem! Click the chat button in the bottom right to talk to a knowledgeable Service Consultant to ask your questions and get all the answers you need.

Your Peace of Mind
(No Sleepless Nights)

Do you know what you get when you work with the company that invented link-fixing software? You get the peace of mind that you’re in the most capable hands in the world when it comes to link management.

LinkFixer Advanced is the best link mapping tool, in terms of preserving links and automatically fixing links in massive batches of thousands at a time. It’s also the only tool on the market that safeguards your links in advance. This means that nothing you migrate, rename, or move will become a broken link – just use Inoculate and Cure! LinkFixer Advanced automatically protects your linked data after your project is completed. You can also use it periodically as part of your regular maintenance routine to ensure that all of your links continue to work — no matter how much your end-users move or rename files and folders.

The Broken Links Bottom Line

Ask yourself if you can afford not to protect your linked data. Can you afford the downtime, potential revenue loss, and the stink-eye from the boss?

LinkFixer Advanced will forever change the way you deal with data migration, file system reorgs, and end-users who unthinkingly move or rename files. Go on, click the red button for the relief you deserve.

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