Planning Data Migration the Right Way

So, you’re planning a migration? Excellent. Just be aware that there are things you should know.

You wouldn’t leave home on a lengthy hike without first mapping your route, packing every tool you have wisely estimated you’ll require and being prepared for the challenges of the road ahead. A migration is no different.

Whether your migration is to SharePoint, Office 365, AWS or the cloud, the basic principles remain the same.

To make your migration easier, we’ve put together an informative eBook to help guide you through the process.

What can you expect to find in your migration “backpack”?

You wouldn’t set off on your hike without the gear you need safely stashed in your backpack. These are the goodies we’re gifting you with:

Fundamental basics such as what data migration is, types of data migration and what triggers migrations,

Planning your data migration,

Figuring out how to transfer data,

Preparing your data for the migration,

Data security concerns,

Getting leaders to buy-in to your data migration,

Planning for after the deed is done.

Bon Voyage

Filled with up-to-date, relevant, pertinent information, this sensible and practical document will help you get through your data migration smoothly.

Let this comprehensive guide be your traveling companion as you embark upon your next migratory journey!

We wish you good roads and a safe journey ahead.

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