Need the ability to search and replace any text string across tons of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

Want it done automatically, in batch, anywhere on your network or cloud — without interruptions due to annoying popups or crashes?

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Enterprise File Changer  for Excel

Product launching 29 September, 2023


The Frustrating, Time-Consuming Problem

You’ve got thousands of Excel files
and maybe you need to:

Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security or credit card numbers to comply with your organization’s security protocols.

Update a part name or description across a zillion files since you’ve just switched vendors.

Handle changes to the corporate name, address or phone numbers.

Make sweeping changes to sales or marketing data, such as product names and descriptions.

Or maybe it’s some other huge spreadsheet-based task that you don’t feel “Excellent” about.

Either way, it’s got to get done, but nobody has the time (or inclination or budget) to do it manually. So, what do you do?

Man stressed due to Sharepoint migration

Seconds Away From Your Solution

If you think you’re facing an insurmountable problem — or one that is going to take forever to fix manually — there’s good news. And, luckily for you, this solution doesn’t even require you to pull on a pair of pantyhose in order to achieve superhero status. All you need is Enterprise File Changer for Excel® to solve the problem for you.

Enterprise File Changer is available as an introductory single-user license that can process 150 files per single run. If you’d like to process an unlimited number of files per run, please contact us for pricing.

For this limited-time introductory offer, the license fee is waived, so the only cost is the $30 annual maintenance fee.

Imagine how it would feel to have enterprise-wide superpowers that empower you to change any text in zillions of Microsoft® Excel files — in a single run. Well, now you can have it!


No Babysitting Required of You

We’re big fans of automation and software that doesn’t require babysitting, so Enterprise File Changer for Excel was specifically designed to require as little intervention as humanly possible. In other words, you won’t need to do much other than unleash it and let it run.

It’ll happily gallop through just about anything an Excel spreadsheet could throw at it. And it handles a wide variety of Excel bugs — such as avoiding those annoying crashes —without breaking stride.


Who needs Enterprise File Changer?

Anyone with Excel files that need to be updated and maintained so that their data is accurate and accessible. If you don’t have any Excel files or don’t care about accuracy and accessibility, you’ve probably landed on this page by error like an alien accidentally landing on Earth. (Please, take us with you. We’d love to meet your leader.)

* Please note that for this limited-time introductory offer, the license fee is waived, so the only cost is the $30 annual maintenance fee. This introductory single-user license is limited to processing 150 files in a single run. Contact us for pricing on the unlimited version.


So, what can you do with your newly acquired superpowers? Here are a few examples of what could be accomplished for you with Enterprise File Changer for Excel:

Enterprise File Changer for Excel can modify as much text as you like in thousands or millions of Excel files in batch. (Please note that the limited-time introductory single-user license can process 150 files at a time in a single run.)

Enterprise File Changer handles password-protected Excel spreadsheets.

Enterprise File Changer can automate enterprise-wide changes in Excel such as your organization’s phone number, address, web address or other text. 

Enterprise File Changer preserves the modified date and time stamp.

* Please note that for this limited-time introductory offer, the license fee is waived, so the only cost is the $30 annual maintenance fee.

Even more benefits for you:



It’s fast, so you save massive amounts of time.



You have the confidence of knowing that all your Excel files are accurately updated.



It’s easy to install or uninstall.

Plus, you don’t even need Excel to be installed on your computer in order to run Enterprise File Changer!



Use Microsoft Excel to define your translation pairs (the words to be replaced and the replacement words). Import that and let Enterprise File Changer perform those replacements to your spreadsheets. It’s that easy.


Security Assistance

Enterprise File Changer for Excel can find Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that appears in spreadsheets, such as credit card numbers or Social Security numbers, which is helpful when you’re beefing up company security.


No Limitations

There’s no limit to the number of spreadsheets you can process. In fact, you can deploy it across an entire file server or SharePoint site.

(The limited-time introductory version will process 150 files at a time in a single run.)

Wouldn’t you love to be able to run an enterprise-wide search-and-replace for that altered part description and come back the next morning to find all your Excel files processed without a hitch? That’s what’s possible with the organization license. The limited-time introductory version is limited to processing 150 files at a time in a single run.

* Please note that for this limited-time introductory offer, the license fee is waived, so the only cost is the $30 annual maintenance fee.

Enterprise File Changer Gives You Superpowers!

Enterprise File Changer for Excel solves all of the above problems by giving you amazing superpowers!

Enterprise File Changer for Excel combines the simplicity and power of Excel with the battle-proof reliability of enterprise-grade software. The result? The text in all of your organization’s Excel cells — every single one of them — is 100% under your control.

Superhero wearing a mask

What Can Your Superpowers Do for You?

Beyond the recognition for your heroics, what are the other benefits of having perfected your superpowers?

  • Enterprise File Changer for Excel spares your evenings and weekends for fighting real crime (or whatever you do when not at work). Forget about having to work late, babysitting Excel to make the same changes over and over, in a bunch of files.
  • Rid yourself of the stress and complaints from bosses and users about all the bulk changes they need to have made.
  • Enterprise File Changer can process your Excel files stored in SharePoint and even your password-protected files.
  • Nastily problematic Excel files can’t wreck your batch job.
  • Time — the one commodity we all wish we had more of — is now yours.

If this isn’t the equivalent of swooshing off into the sunset, unencumbered by mundane problems, we don’t know what is!


How long will this fantastic introductory offer be available? Well, we can’t provide an exact timeframe because we’re constantly enhancing and adding new features to this tool almost every day. However, it’s important to note that as it continues to evolve, its value will increase significantly, potentially reaching a price tag in the thousands. So, this is your opportunity to get in early at an incredibly low rate that won’t last forever — act now before the price goes up!

Take advantage of our limited-time introductory pricing special below!

For a limited time, pay only $30 for the annual maintenance fee!

Lite license

  • Users: 1
  • Files: 150 Per single run

Organization License

Variable Pricing
  • Users: More than 1
  • Files: Unlimited

Enterprise File Changer. So fast, it should be illegal.

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